'Lisa Andreas might sing all in English'

by Itamar Barak 174 views

Mike Connaris, composer of the Cypriot entry, Stronger every minute sung by Lisa Andreas (picture), said to the Greek website Eurovision-Greece.com that they are indeed considering performing the song all in English.

Connaris, who is British, referred to the planned stage act in Istanbul saying that the simple and tranquil mode of the song and video clip will be kept during the performance in the Eurovision Song Contest. When mentioning the language issue, Connaris said: 'as I have said before – no tricks, no surprises and all sung in English…perhaps!'.

The song Stronger every minute has recently undergone a revamp, and now has two separate versions: one which is an all-English one and another, as it was performed in the Cypriot national final, where the last chorus is performed in Greek. The preview version of the Cypriot clip features the song all in English. Mike Connaris and Lisa Andreas will now have to decide on which language to use during the contest's semi-final, on May 12th.

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