James Fox might be… the weakest link!

by Sietse Bakker 158 views

James Fox, the United Kingdom's hope at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, appears on the popular quiz the Weakest Link on 8th May. He will be joined by Gina G and Sonia for sure!

“Goodbye, you're the weakest link” is already an often used quote in many countries all over the world! Sometimes, well-known people feature in the programme as participants. On 8th May, James Fox, Gina G and Sonia will appear.

Sonia represented the UK in 1993 with The devil you know and ended up second! Gina G reached an 8th place with Oooh aah… just a little bit in 1996.

As James is already present in Istanbul at 8th May to prepare for his 15th May performance of Hold onto our love, you probably understand the Weakest Link is not a live programme…

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