Istanbul: Tickets between 30 and 150 euros

by Sietse Bakker 208 views

Affordable ticket prices for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest! If we may believe Bulent Osma, executive producer of this year's show, the ticket price is between 30 and 150 euros, depending on seat location.

Previous years, Eurovision Song Contest tickets were too expensive for the major part of the audience. In Estonia (2002), ticket prices were between 100 and 600 euro's.

When the ticket sale starts, is unknown yet. While the selected venue, Mydonose Showland, has a regular capacity of 5,500 seats, cameras will probably bring back the amount of seats to an expected number of 4,000 places. Traditionally, the host broadcaster reserves a high amount of tickets for their own employees, as well as VIP guests. But, no worries! Thanks to the qualifier round and the final chances to get a ticket for this year's contest are as usual! will publish it immediately as soon as a launch date for the ticket sale is known!

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