Draw for EMA 2004 completed

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The 36 selected artists for the Slovenian national final EMA 2004 introduced themselves at a press conference, where also the draw, taking place at Gospodarsko razstavi�če, the venue for the final of EMA 2004.

Mi�a Molk will once again host the final, while her last year's co-host Peter Poles is hosting the semifinals with Bernarda �arn.

The songs will be performed in the following order:

1st semifinal (11th January 2004)
Mojca Brecelj- Brez mej (No Borders)
Aljo�a Kovaèiè- Sanje (Dreams)
Regina- Plave oèi (Blue eyes)
Platin- Stay Forever
Johnny Bravo – Kar me ne ubije, me krepi (What doesn't kill me makes me stronger)
Diona Dim- If you
Mikola- Pot do sreèe (A path to happiness)
Tulio Furlaniè- O �enske, �enske (Women, women)

2nd semifinal (18th January 2004)
Monika Puèelj- Niè ne ustavi me (Nothing can stop me)
Natalija Verboten- Cry on my shoulder
Jasmina Cafnik- Si tukaj al' te ni (Are you here or are you not?)
Chantal Hartmann- Here and there and everywhere
Marijan Novina- Svet se vrti nazaj (The world spins backwards)
Yuhubanda- Èe zdaj odide� sama (If you leave alone now)
Ana De�man- Ni bilo zaman (It was not in vain)
Kalamari- Bo� pri�la (You will come)

3rd semifinal (25th January 2004)
Panda- Moj svet (My world)
Polona- Kralj neba (King of the sky)
Prava stvar- Junak (Hero)
Number One- Lights into my eyes
Victory- Kako naj vem? (How do I know?)
Alya- Fluid
Kristina Ober�an- Mavrica (Rainbow)
Damijana Godniè- Moja moè (My strength)

4th semifinal (1st February 2004)
November- No reason to cry
Rebeka Dremelj- Ne bo� se igral (You're not gonna play)
Ylenia Zobec- Tvoj glas (Your voice)
Maja Slatin�ek- Slovo brez mej (Goodbye without borders)
Ro�marinke/ Silence- Kli�e (Cliché)
Pop Design- In ti gre� (And you go)
�ana & R'n'B Wannabes- Po�ar (Fire)
Katrinas- �iva (Alive; �iva can also be a first name)

Rok Kosmaè- Ko pride èas (When the time comes)
Mili- To je moja stvar (That's my business)
Juhej & Adamsi- V kaj verjame� (What do you believe in)
Nata�a Artièek- Mala sonca (Little suns)

Now it is also confirmed that the stars quartet is not happening. Only Monika Puèelj is competing among the names mentioned in a gossip article few days ago.

We can see some previous EMA contenders; a previous Eurovision Song Contest performer, Regina from 1996, as well as complete strangers to the public; Chantal Hartmann, November, Mikola, Aljo�a Kovačič and Diona Dim.
Karmen Stavec is back this year as lyricist for Victory, while it is not known if Vili Resnik will be singing with Pop Design. He reunited with this band last year for an album, but performed as a solo artist at the Slovene Hit Festival in November.

Interesting names are a former Miss Slovenia Rebeka Dremelj and Ro�marinke with Silence, an electro/ambiental producers team. The first reserve Rok Kosmaè would be a strong favourite for winning if selected – popular with girls and women of all ages.

From the selected songs, the favourites might be Natalija Verboten and Monika Puèelj who are competing head to head in the second semifinal. Both of them won a pop festival this summer and each of them is singing a song by a hit making team. Verboten is singing a song by Matja� Vla�iè and Ur�a Vla�iè who are also responsible for Nu�a Derenda's Energy (Slovenia 2001) and Vili Resnik's Naj bogovi sli�ijo (Slovenia 1998), while Puèelj is singing a song by Ale� Klinar and Anja Rupel (read more in the gossip section).

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