Tel Aviv Live: Iceland begins their first rehearsal

by Eleanor Cooper 1,577 views

Rehearsals are now well and truly underway in the city of Tel Aviv, which will be hosting this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Today sees the first day of rehearsals, with the first half of the first semi-final evening taking to the impressive stage of Expo Tel Aviv.

Eight countries are all set to make their debut onstage, 9 days before the live show of the first semi-final. Following their rehearsal, a Meet & Greet session will be coming next. These countries are Belgium, GeorgiaAustralia, Iceland, Estonia, Portugal, Greece and San Marino.

Iceland is next to get onstage. The 3-member techno band Hatari aspires to bring the country back to the Eurovision final, for the first time since 2014. Will hate prevail, according to their song’s title?

We all knew what to expect from Iceland this year, and their look remains totally consistent to their gothic BDSM personas. Klemens, who sings the high notes, is topless bar a black corset with leather, chain and spike adornments. He also wears bright white trousers with a harness over his legs, and black boots.

Matthias, the harsh vocalist, wears a black harness, with long PVC sleeves. He wears a flesh-coloured vest underneath his harness. His trousers are black PVC and looser fitting than Klemens’.

We see little of Einar throughout the performance, but he is wearing his trademark spiked mask and white contact lenses. He also wears a black PVC BDSM-style ensemble. When we look closer at the spikes on the band’s costumes, they are flecked with red paint, to look like blood.

Hatari are joined by two female vocalists/dancers, who wear white bodysuits with matching white harnesses, and black boots. The sixth member on stage is a male dancer, similar to in their national final performance. He wears a full flesh-coloured bodysuit and full body harness, given the illusion of nudity underneath his BDSM gear.

Iceland are bringing by far the strongest and most memorable look to the Eurovision stage this year.

Gallery of Iceland’s first rehearsal

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