Viewing figures: Eurovision big success again

by Sietse Bakker 105 views

As the Eurovision Song Contest 2003 came behind us, viewing figures from all over the world came in.

These figures are approximate and are the highest numbers, which means that every viewer saw at least 15 minutes of the Eurovision Song Contest 2003.

Greece: 1.95 million, 58.9%
Spain: 10.6 million, 65.8%
France: 4.9 million, 27.5%
The Netherlands: 4.6 million, 70.0%
Austria: 1.3 million, 75.0%
Israel: 0.8 million, 38.8%
Germany: 8.7 million, 38.8%
Norway: 1.5 million, 88.8%
Australia: 2.0 million, 16.3%
Poland: 8.6 million, 65.2%
United Kingdom: 10.8 million, 54.0%
Sweden: 3.5 million
Belgium: 3.0 million (approximately)
Latvia: 1.8 million, 80,0% (approximately)

Together more than 64 million viewers for these countries, still missing the figures from Iceland, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Turkey, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Portugal, Malta, Cyprus, Slovenia, Ireland and the internet viewers.

Professionals think that the Eurovision Song Contest attracted between 150 and 170 million viewers.

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