Zehra Bedelbeyli to write songs for Azeri selection

by Victor Hondal 208 views

Zehra Bedelbeyli, lyricist for the 2008 Azerbaijani entry at the Eurovision Song Contest, Day after day, is back this year, as she is currently working on several entries to be performed at the country's semifinal for Eurovision, to be held on February 2nd. Bedelbeyli said she has already begun writing lyrics for some of the candidates.

The lyricist has praised all six competitors at the Azerbaijani selection for Eurovision 2010: "On February 2 there will be different and interesting performances of the 6 candidates. I am writing some lyrics for the semifinal concert. It's difficult to say which candidate will represent our country, because all of them are very talented. I think it will be difficult for judges to select only one on February 2. I would like our song performance in 2010 to differ from 2008 and 2009”, explained Bedelbeyli, who also hopes for a good result for her country in Oslo.

With regards to Aysel and Arash's participation last year, she said that many factors have to be combined and it's necessary to work uninterruptedly: "We will do our best to outstrip the success of Aysel and Arash. But it depends on different opportunities. That’s why it’s impossible to say anything beforehand. If it was possible, we would do something to gain first place, but it is impossible".

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