Eurovision 2017: Today’s rehearsals close with Ireland

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1st rehearsal2 May 2017
15:40 - 16:10
Meet & Greet: 18:00 - 18:20
Brendan Murray
Dying to Try
Artist Profile
People on stage:
Vocal abilities:
Stage presentation:
Special Effects:
* the rating is based on the general opinion from the viewing press representatives.

Brendan is dressed in a classy white shirt and black trousers. Although this is a very simple presentation, it gives him quite a mature look, but it might not be the finished look.

02/05/2017 8:32 pm

“Today couldn’t have gone any Better!” – Brendan looks ahead to Saturday’s second rehearsal

02/05/2017 8:00 pm

Brendan finished in seventh position in day 3 of ESCToday’s Daily Press Poll 2017, receiving a total of 14 points from today’s 35 viewing press representatives

Nathan Trent from #Austria is the winner of our Press Poll today, with Ilinca The Artist and Alex Florea from #Romania…

Posted by Esctoday on Tuesday, May 2, 2017

02/05/2017 6:45 pm

Where did Ireland place in day 3 of ESCToday’s Daily Press Poll 2017? Watch now as we unveil today’s results in full

Kyiv Calling: Third day of rehearsals in Ukraine

Tune in with ESCToday for the second semi-final rehearsals review

Posted by Esctoday on Tuesday, May 2, 2017

02/05/2017 5:19 pm

“Amazing first day of Rehearsals!” – Brendan reacts following his first rehearsal in Kyiv

02/05/2017 4:30 pm

Here’s a look at Brendan’s first rehearsal from this afternoon

02/05/2017 4:23 pm

Official images from Ireland’s first rehearsal (Andres Putting/ ©)

02/05/2017 4:28 pm

Check out some backstage footage with Ireland’s Brendan Murray

02/05/2017 3:48 pm

Flying high with Brendan on the IEC stage!

02/05/2017 3:40 pm

A small glimpse at Ireland’s first rehearsal

02/05/2017 2:03 pm

Waving the flag! The Irish team is all set for today’s first rehearsal

01/05/2017 4:14 pm

Brendan and the Ireland Eurovision team has arrived in Kyiv! All ready for tomorrow’s rehearsal

Brendan Murray is the last entrant to take to his meet & greet session today, who went on to speak of his meeting with Ireland’s former winner Linda Martin.

For three years prior to his solo career towards the end of last year, Brendan was part of the Irish boyband Hometown before they decided to go their separate ways on their own individual journeys. For Brendan, it was Eurovision which would be his next career move.

Brendan stands inside a hot air balloon and ‘flying’ away with a drawn backdrop of clouds, mountains, and cities in black, white and red, in a performance that could bring Ireland to the top in the upcoming Junior Eurovision probably. Performed well vocally, the overall performance isn’t so appealing and by terms of ballads it is Claudia Faniello from Malta that wins this duel.

We’d wish we could write more about Brendan and his will to try but nothing really much happens.

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