Belgium: Lafontaine to sing in Waterloo !

by Dominique Dufaut 57 views

Philippe Lafontaine will be on stage next September 19 in Waterloo (Wallonia), to give a concert entitled Tout seul (All alone). He performs acoustic versions of 25 songs, including his main hits (Coeur de loup, Alexis m'attend) but also Macédomienne, a song dedicated to his wife, which he represented Belgium in Zagreb with, back in 1990.

On his personal website,, Philippe Lafontaine offers a very big load of things. Not only news on him but also lyrics of his songs, music sheets, animated clips and so on. Unfortunately, it is only in French. On many songs, Lafontaine has written notes to explain why and how he wrote them. Regarding Macédomienne, he explains: "this is the story of a record that doesn't exist. Some years ago, I saw a tag on the wall of a tunnel, writing 'Marie, I love you and I want all Brussels to know it'. At that time, it was the French-speaking community's turn to go for Eurovision, in Yugoslavia. Mind you, nearly a billion viewers! My heart went wild. I sent the song Macédomienne to Belgian TV with a sole request: I didn't want my intention to be sullied. I didn't want the record to be released. And they accepted. But if the Internet existed, I would have offered it to you. Of course ! "

Philippe Lafontaine represented Belgium at the 1990 Eurovision Song Contest with Macédomienne and placed 12th. The song was only published on a promo record, limited to 500 copies. But it was released three years later on a charity CD single issued in Belgium, to raise funds for children in ex-Yugoslavia.

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