UK: Sir Terry Wogan Norton was excellent

by Russell Davies 61 views

Sir Terry Wogan the one-time host and former long-standing BBC commentator has heaped praise on his replacement Graham Norton. Speaking in this week's edition of the Radio Times , Sir Terry said that he thought Norton had done an excellent job and described this year's Eurovision Song Contest a spectacular show without a flaw in it.

On watching this year's contest, Sir Wogan said , yes I did watch the Eurovision Song Contest. I was able to sit and watch with Helen (his wife) for the first time in 35 years, and I thought it was wonderful. A spectacular show without any flaws in it. Contrary to what is often believed I love Eurovision, or I couldn't have presented it for as long as I did.

This year they sorted the voting out, and I thought Graham Norton was excellent. People have said his approach was rather like mine, and all I can say is I take that as a complement!

Sir Terry provided the BBC commentary for the Eurovision Song Contest in 1973 and 1978. Since 1980 he has commentated on every contest until 2008 and became famous for his sarcastic and highly cynical comments. He also co-hosted the contest, in 1998 with Ulrika Jonsson, when the contest was held in Birmingham.

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