France: Patricia Kaas – “disappointed but positive”

by Dominique Dufaut 67 views

Monday's French newspapers all reported on Patricia Kaas's failure to win the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday, with short pieces of interviews of the lady. But all also pointed out that France 3 reached excellent viewing figures. “Patricia lost whereas France 3 triumphed”, had as its headline.

"Iwas disappointed, then I stand back and tell to myself that viewing figures are good and that French people supported me from the bottom of their heart" Patricia Kaas told Sébastien Catroux, of Le Parisien / Aujourd’hui en France

Regarding her 8th position, Patricia says :"I want to be positive. France didn’t place that high and with so many points for a long time", as reported in an AFP release. C’est la vie. The song was a slow one, maybe it’s because it was in French or maybe people wanted something else".

About her Eurovision Song Contest experience, Patricia Kaas declared that she will always remember the incredible welcome she received from the hall when she was on stage. She also said that this made it possible for her to get known in countries where nobody knew her before. "International press also awarded me the best performance prize and that’s a good thing".

Meanwhile, France 3 feels more than satisfied with the TV audience. A special trailer was to be seen all Monday long, with images of Kaas’ performance and a message thanking the artist as well as people who watched the contest, which "had a peak at 6.6 millions viewers". you can watch the message below:

Patricia Kaas representing France at the Eurovision Song Contest 2009

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