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Intars Busulis together with his team are representing Latvia at Eurovision Song Contest 2009. The song “Probka” was originally performed in Latvian as “Sastregums”, but it still carries the same idea. In an interview shortly before leaving for Moscow, Intars revealed his thoughts about his song, plans and the contest. team congratulates you with the success at Eirodziesma, the Latvian national final for Eurovision Song Contest. Hope it will sound equally good in Moscow! What are your thoughts and feelings representing Latvia at Eurovision Song Contest?

Actually, at the moment the stress has not reached us yet and we are enjoying the Eurovision atmosphere, meeting the representatives of the other countries, working hard at the rehearsals on the fabulous stage in Moscow. Just a couple of days ago we were also eagerly following even the course of the Ice Hockey World Championship where the Latvian team was doing really well. Of course, I am proud to represent Latvia at Eurovision Song Contest – it is an enormous responsibility and at the same time it brings such a satisfaction.

Do you have any reasonable explanation why Latvian song choice surprises the Eurovision audience?

We have experienced Latvian representatives singing in Italian, a capella, Russian as well as facilitate the song with a show or allow 2 guys equipped with guitars only fish for televoters’ opinions.To my mind it is the most important criteria when choosing the entries for the national selection – the songs should possess “something” that would attract the attention. On the other hand, it is the credit of the Latvian audience – they decide which entry would represent the country at the Eurovision Song Contest. It is great that we try new trends each year thus showing Europe how different we, Latvians can be.

Could you, please, tell us more about your song Probka and the team which will support you on the stage?

Probka (Music – Karlis Lacis, Lyrics – Sergejs Timofejevs/Janis Elsbergs) is a song about a traffic jam in all senses and meanings. We all have experienced in our lives that we just hurry, rush somewhere and at the certain moment there is a stop, jam or Probka. That’s it – there is no way out, we are stuck! This is an appropriate moment to think if it was worth it to run and hurry at all. Maybe we can reach the same result by moving slower. In regards of the team – the musicians from a group called Sweet Waterz – Karlis Lacis, Kaspars Zemitis, Gints Paberzs, and back vocalists Jolanta Strikaite un Vineta Elksne.

Do you have any favourites at the contest this year?

I have heard the most of the songs. It is really hard to choose a distinct favourite because of the diversity of the songs. I like particular nuances I hear in some performances. I have probably mentioned before that the Norwegian entry has captured my attention, but he certainly is not the only favourite of mine.

You have been on the musical scene for quite a time. What do you consider your greatest achievement so far?

You know, I think it is my first double album “KINO” –I have been waiting and working on it for so long and finally it is done! The other achievements have been important steps leading to the solo album which I am really proud of.

Gonki, Probki… (Speed race. Traffic jam.) Will there be any follow up?

Originally it was not meant to be as a follow up. Apparently it is the way how it is nowadays – “competition”, “traffic jams”, “rush” – and that might be the reason why the songs depict them. Who knows maybe a moment of peace comes and songs carrying a different mood will be created, but for now, let them be Gonki and Probki!

What are the plans after Eurovision Song Contest?

We have concerts in Dzintari Concert Hall, Latvia on July 15 and 16, and we will start preparing for them after Eurovision.

What are the things that make you happy at this super busy period?

Thousands of tiny things. When you wake up in the morning knowing that every second of your day is planned and will be spent rushing from one place to another, it is impossible to find a moment to catch a breath. I seize the seldom moments flashing by – a niece view through the window, an encouraging phone call – such small things make me stop for a second and enjoy the moment a bit.

Do you have any advice/greeting/wish to readers?

Fingers crossed for the favourites! team thanks Intars Busulis and his team for finding a moment for the interview, and wish them the most of luck at the semi final on 14th May 2009.

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