Armenia: Inga and Anush talk to esctoday

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Just before departing for Moscow, Inga and Anush this year's Eurovision Song Contest contestants for Aremina talk with esctoday's Zavan Shegrikyan. In this exclusive interview we hear how the sisters lives have changed since being selected to perform in the contest, details of their promotional tour and their plans to release a new album immediately after the contest. So, dear Inga and Anush, last interviewed with you a few months ago after you had just been chosen to represent Armenia in the contest with your song Jan Jan. I would like to know what has changed in your life since becoming the Armenian hopefuls in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009? How have these last few months changed your life, what new things did you discover during the promo tours and visits to other countries?

Inga: We are really excited about all this both as artists and representatives of our country.

Anush: It’s definitely an incredible chance for us – young artists, to gain professional experience and acknowledgement. And at the time we feel a huge portion of responsibility to lift our country’s name on height. You have visited several countries during these months, can your share your experiences share with us? What did the promo tours give to you?

Anush: We are enjoying the promo-tours a lot!!! Feels like this is the joyful first part of something even more fascinating – the contest itself.

Inga: The most precious moment is when you see that people of completely different cultures understand what you wanted to deliver by your song and simply have fun while you sing. As we know you have visited Amsterdam and Brussels this month. Any other destinations planned? What will you be doing after the concerts in Amsterdam and Brussels?

Inga: Our visit to Amsterdam will be followed by a concert in Almelo. After we plan to sleep only when we wake up, we’ll think about the further destinations. Can you share with us with your thoughts concerning your work with Fresh Art? How will your final appearance during the concerts look like? (Fresh Art are Alexandre Siradeghiyan (Armenia), Aslan Ahmadov (Azerbaijan), David Gevorgyan(Armenia) a famous fashion trio in Russia. The boys work with famous Russian singers and models including the former Eurovision participants Philipe Kirkorov, Alsou, Angelika Agurbash and Natalia Podolskaya. Fresh Art are renowned for extraordinary, naughty, scandalous and always fresh sense of style.)

Anush: The guys from Fresh Art are just cool!!! While working with them you feel that in parallel to the world of business, money and problems there’s another world of creativity, where art knows no borders.

Inga: Our appearance will be something like a hot mix of the characters from Fresh Art’s photo session and our music video. During an interview with the Russian First Channel, Fresh Art talked about the so-called element-WOW! We know it's still kept in secret but can you reveal some little details from your stage performance?

Anush: Hmm, you’re trying to dig into the secrets.

Inga: One thing we promise – it is going to be a great show. As You know the voting system has been changed this year and we will not only have the televoting but also points from jury. Do You like the new voting system?

Anush: We don’t really think much about the voting system. We participate in the contest to bring joy to people, we sing for sake of singing.

Inga: The most important opinion for us – is the opinion of our fans and the ordinary audience but at the same time it’s very pleasant when your work is appreciated by professionals. What other plans do you have after the Eurovision Song Contest? Will there be an album released?

Inga: Bingo!!! You’ve guessed right. Our new album will be released right after the contest. And finally what would you like to say to our readers? Any wishes and greetings?

Anush: We would like to send the same message as our song does: be cheerful, forget about your daily problems and dance. We love you, Europe!

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