attended Elisabeth and Alexander concert

by Tom Espen Hansen 73 views

It was decided long before Alexander Rybak's victory in Melodi Grand Prix that he was to join Elisabeth Andreassen (Bettan) as a fiddler in her concert this March. After winning MPG Alexander probably got a bigger role in the concert as first planned.

In an almost sold out Oslo Konserthus (Concerthouse) Bettan opened the show with one of the songs from her new album. She was accompanied by a very well sounding group of musicians. Already in song number two she introduced Alexander Rybak, and they did a song together. The Alexander did a solonumber on his fiddle, Songs from a Secret Garden.

Alexander wasn’t the only guest in this concert as Elisabeth also introduced another famous Norwegian fiddler, Annbjørg Lien and a folk group from Sweden playing mainly the accordion and flute. The latter recieved a very warm welcome. At the end of the show choir containing 20 members also gave the last songs something extra.

The audience showed that they really appreciated Elisabeths more well known songs, as they applauded both during her big hit Danse mot vår, written of Rolf Løvland from Secret Garden and the author of La det swinge. The two most popular acts during the night was of course Bettans medley containing Dag efter dag, Evighet and La det swinge, and Alexander’s Fairytale which he performed in an acoustic version with the orchestra in a very nice way.

As this actually was Elisabeth's birthday, Alexander Rybak and the other musicians started playing a Norwegian happy birthday song, which was very well received by Elisabeth and the audience.

All in all this was a very pleasent concert where Eleisabeth Andreassen showed us here different music styles mixed with nice stories between the songs. As a very original ending of the concert, all the musicians left the stage together with the audience playing the last song in the aula.

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