Ukraine wins the Eurovision Song Contest 2016!

by Jessica Weaver 222 views32

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The final results are in and we have a winner! Ukraine and Jamala has won the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest with the song 1944, receiving a grand total of 534 points!

It’s been an intense but exciting evening here at the Globe Arena where we saw the 26 finalists at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 perform onstage for the last time, hoping to be crowned the winner of the annual contest and bring the contest to their home nation in 2017!

We witnessed a stunning fashion show, a musical treat from American superstar Justin Timberlake himself and a number of comedy sketches which brought us a lot of laughs, all in the lead up to tonight’s highly anticipated results.

Tonight saw the introduction of the new voting system which is set to be used in all future editions of the competition, in which the jury votes were revealed separately from those of the public televote.

With the 42 spokespersons announcing the votes of the national jury members from the competing nations, it was Dami Im from Australia who was leading on the scoreboard before the revelation of the public televote.

The votes were revealed in an exciting build up with only the votes of the top 4 of the televote remaining (Poland, Australia, Ukraine and Russia). However, it was Russia who received the top marks from the televote but, combined with the jury votes, it was Jamala from Ukraine who won the competition with the entry 1944, receiving a total of 534 points.

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  • MarioVision

    Who would had really thought that next year we would go to U-K-R-A-I-N-E ??!
    I’m hella surprised about this country’s victory tonight!
    Congrats to UKRAINE & Jamala..
    Deserved victory though..

  • MarioVision

    I would had thought that AUSTRALIA would end up as the big winner instead.
    Dami Im was leading in the juries with huge margin of points over the others,
    and it looked that this gap would be enough to still earn the victory for Australia at the end.
    I feel sorry about poor Dami..

  • MarioVision

    I was also disturbed that RUSSIA won the televoting by landslide.
    Sergey might still finished 3rd & didn’t win
    but I really do not feel OK about his runaway massive win in televoting.
    He scored over 360 points alone there!!
    I had thought that either Ukraine or Australia would gonna win the televoting too..
    Ukraine still earned over 320 points. Still rather impressive amount of points.
    And Australia only earned just 190 points..

  • Saturno Saturno

    Shame on Eurovision organisers. There were many songs better than the awful apparent winner. The vote of the jury proved to be rather more biased than that of the teleaudience. It would better to immediately eliminate it. Now the public just must “believe” on what the organisers pass to the presenters as results. Even the system of presentation is unclear, not easy and makes the whole
    event unattractive. Eurovision organisers have made a big mistake and must accpet it and correct it.

  • MarioVision

    It must SUCK for all these countless people that bet their precious money
    on RUSSIA to win the EuroVision.
    But remember, there were also too many other people that bet their money
    on FRANCE winning instead, and all these people ALSO lost their own money too.

    Its EUROVISION. Very unpredictable about WHO is going to WIN at the end.
    That’s why I avoid playing bets or at least to bet too much money..

  • Ás

    So the lesson to be learned is Don’t bet. Hahaha

  • MarioVision

    Well not necessarily…
    At least to be more careful & don’t trust fully & always WHAT the bookies say..
    Too many times its not really the #1 bookies hot favorites that win anyway..

  • David James Toft

    Dear ESC Today
    May I congratulate Ukraine’s Jamala for winning the 61st annual Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm with her well deserved rendition of “1984” it was a very well deserved and popular victory. Also may I wish her all the best for the future. In addition may I wish Ukraine all the best for hosting next years Eurovision Song Contest probably in Kiev.

    Additionally may I send my commiserations to the fantastic, Joe and Jake as they did their best in representing the United Kingdom with the song “You‘re Not Alone” in this years contest.

    Furthermore may I say that the Swedish broadcaster SVT has done a fantastic presentation of the contest in which the presenters did themselves proud. Moreover the interval acts in the pre-qualifiers and the final were superb. Plus may I say the stage design was the best for some years. All in all a truly vintage grand cru of a contest.

    Once again may I congratulate Jamala and Ukraine for the magnificent and well deserved victory, I look forward to watching next years Eurovision Song Contest 2017 from Kiev, Ukraine.

    All the best.

    Yours Truly.

    David James Toft
    United Kingdom

  • Johnnie Charles

    Ukraine? WTF is going on here? how this is possible? this song should have been eliminated in the semifinals. How this piece of crap can win anything? WTF seriously. the voting system has to change and the jury be chosen from a neutral country.

  • andre

    Australia shoudnt be in. It is a different continent at the other side of the world and with all it invests in participating in ESC and the favourism it receives by producers and biased juries it has a guaranteed place in final and takes the place of a small European country that could qualify. The juries pushed so much for Australia to win, but the televoters once again made better choices: Russia, Ukraine and Poland, the top 3 of televoters. Does Australia also want o participate in Euro football tournament as a European country?

  • MarioVision

    Its pity that too many people are outraged by UKRAINE’s victory.
    Ok it still might wasn’t their favorite country to win {mine either}
    but overall it made sense why this country won last night..
    Take notice that Jamala still finished 2nd in the televoting with over 323 points,
    just only 40 points less than the winner Sergey of Russia. (360 p. )
    In the juries she even did much better than Sergey scoring +70 points more than him.
    Too many people voted for Ukraine as the winner by their home
    so clearly all these wanted Ukraine to win..
    So at the end, combining the 2 results, UKRAINE was a fair deserved winner.
    Simple as that..

  • RostBurov

    Most disgusting politically engaged ESC ever!
    Last year Ukraine was absent due to financial problems,
    so the next year ESC stage in Ukraine 2017 will look something like this!
    Ukraine 2017!

  • TheIvan32

    Turkey and Israel are also not in Europe and technically different continent. Just saying.

  • RostBurov

    Sergay Lazarev won the public televote and he is the true winner!
    EBU should think of disposing the jury system as outdated, politically currupt and not consistent!
    Only the people across Europe should decide with their money televoting the true Winner!!!!

  • andre

    Again the same story, Turkey and Israel, as well as Azerbaijan , play in European football tournaments too, as European countries, and they are not a whole continent at the the other end of the world. Turkey is even candidate to enter the EU.

  • andre

    That;s true, like last year the true winner was Italy. Last year’s contest would be won by Italy and this year by Russia, but the organisation, producers and juries wanted Sweden to win over Italy last year and Australia to win over Russia this year. The Ukranian song was not my favourite but at least their favourite Australia didnt win, which shouldnt be in the contest anyway.
    Turkey was right to withdraw due to juries tactical voting. At the years that there was only televoting good songs won like Turkey 2003 and Serbia 2007 wouldnt win I think in case these biased juries were voting, but there was only televoting so Turkey, Greece, Ukraine, Russia, Serbia won those years and Scandinavians were losing so they brough the juries back and they got back on track with their wins, especally last year that Sweden won because of the juries.
    The true winner last year was Italy and this year Russia, but I m glad that Ukraine won instead of their baby Australia

  • andre

    They dont admit that they made mistakes, everything is done on purpose by them. The new voting system is horrible giving prominence to the jury voting which is just voted by just 5 people of each country that call themselves ‘experts’ and may not have a clue and are told who are the favourites to vote for. They just wanted to make esc identical to their dull MF show which Swedish think is the best TV show on the planet. aspparently they havent watched tv of other countries, Italy, Spain, France.
    The juries were brought back on purpose as in the mid 2000s Greece, Turkey, Romania, Serbia were doing great on the scoreboards and Scandnavians doing terrible and they brought the juries back to help them win and it worked well for them, they abolished the random draw too, and they gave more prominence to jury voting during show.
    In 2003 and 2008, Turkey and Serbia wouldnt win most probably, if there wasnt just televoting,
    and last year Sweden won just because of the juries.
    The way results were presented last night were showing that Poland would flop, and it triumphed in televote. We dont care what those 5 ‘experts’ of each country voted, we want to see how the audiences in each country voted during the show and not later on internet!

  • RostBurov

    It is also true, that whereas the voting on Russia was unfair, the situation with Poland was totally ridiculous!!!! Last in jury vote with just 7 points Poland was 4th in public televote!
    I presume millions of televoters – who vote with theit momey – cannot be wrong!
    Then, there must be something wrong with the so called ‘professional’ jury!!!
    And something should be urgenty done about it! –
    My idea is to abandon the Jury vote – just as easy as it was suddenly introduced not so long ago!
    Just get rid of the Jury vote – and that’s it!

  • RostBurov

    Mayor of Kiev, the boxer Mr Klitchko is getting ready for Eurovision 2017!

  • RostBurov

    In debt head over heels, the Ukraine will surely be a pain in the @ss for both the Eurovision and ESC in 2017!
    Not only financially, but also in terms of organizing the event and most of all providing the security for all participants, their respective delegations and fans from all over Europe, especially those from Russia!

  • Owlmann

    Can’t get riled up about Eurovision because it has stop being a honest, good song contest years ago. It was so political this year it was untrue. Terry Wogan, lord bless his soul, was right. The only bit I like about it was the voting and guessing who will vote for who. The UK will never again win it because it won’t matter if get Adele over, the countries don’t vote for us. Still, mustn’t moan. I take it as a laugh nowadays. I think the BBC see it that way as well but if they were truly serious about it like the Europeans for some unknown reason, they would have sacked Guy Freeman or whoever he name is years ago. How can someone who has zilch clue and fail year after year after year after year still not lose his job? That says it itself about the BBC attitude.

    Still, back to internal selection next year, me think.

  • RostBurov

    Eurovision’s problems with Ukraine for 2017 have only just begun

  • Paul Howsam

    How can the EBU guarantee security of ALL participants and visitors? Ukraine has a poor record on LGBT and if Russia participates then they will have major problems.

  • RostBurov

    European democracy in action!
    Ukraine issues a ‘black list’ for the Russian performers!!!!

  • RostBurov

    With the latest Ukranian officials’ declarations to decide by themselves who will participate regardles of EBU – is just shocking!

  • RostBurov

    The most disgusting, politically engaged and corrupt ESC ever!!

  • RostBurov

    Ukraine wins the Eurovision Song Contest 2016???

  • RostBurov

    The new ‘Swedish’ system of voting proved the Jury Vote currupt and redundant!
    After all, it’s the televiewers who pay for the show!

  • RostBurov

    ‘Leningrad’ with Shnur for Russia in Kiev??? ) LOL

  • gtiger

    No one would complain if it was a clearly a good song. A meaningful song isn’t automatically a good song. This one has a pattern of a few notes that get repeated many times. That can be wearing after a few listening.

  • Jordan Thomas

    Dear miserable complainers and Kremlin employees on these comments. If the voting hadn’t changed from last year, and the 2015 system used, Russia would be *THIRD*, and Australia would have won – with Ukraine in 2nd. Stop complaining it’s all bias and admit Ukraine is a worthy winner… Sure, the televoting wanted Russia to win, but juries have been used for years now without this much whining and complaining – just think of poor Italy last year who got 1st place in televote. Where were you then??

  • MarioVision

    Well at least its much better song than Russia’s or even Australia’s.
    And I truly think that its a really GOOD song anyway.
    The best song of these indeed won & it was fair call.