Two semi-finals down and only the grand final to go; tonight sees each of the 26 finalists perform their entries to the national juries for the last time, in which the juries will decide their half of the final vote. We here at ESCToday are here to bring you the latest from the show and give you our reviews.

The artists appear on stage in a fashion-shown orientated presentation, with each artist walking on stage in order of appearance. The artists enter the Eurovision stage, with a number of famous Swedish hits by artists including Swedish House Mafia and Avicii playing around the arena.

01 Belgium: Laura Tesoro – What’s the pressure

Fun and energy enters the arena as Laura Tesoro takes to the stage for the first Eurovision performance of the evening. With plenty of choreography to keep the audience entertained throughout, Laura’s vocal performance remains strong and receives a positive reaction from the audience. A great opening to the show!

02 Czech Republic: Gabriela Gunčíková – I stand

Gabriela Gunčíková is next onstage this evening with her powerful ballad, I stand. Gabriela performs in the arena with strong vocals, connecting well with the audience and with the cameras throughout. The power-notes towards the latter half of the song start off shaky, but the singer goes on to hit them with ease towards the end.

03 Netherlands: Douwe Bob – Slow down

Taking to the stage next this evening is the Netherlands’ Douwe Bob with his country-style entry. Towards the latter half of the song, Douwe walks down the catwalk before the 10 second pause takes place, as with the first semi-final, in which Douwe goes on to mouth “I love you” and blowing a kiss to the camera. Douwe sings slightly different lyrics at the end of the song, replacing “brother” with “sister” and including the theme of this year’s contest, “Come Together.

04 Azerbaijan: Samra – Miracle

A power pop-ballad on stage next with Azerbaijan’s Samra, singing her entry Miracle. Samra has received a mixed reaction relating to her vocals throughout this year’s competition, with tonight’s performance being similar to that from the first semi-final, however the choreography adds to the song along with the pyrotechnics used throughout.

05 Hungary: Freddie – Pioneer

Freddie takes to the stage next with his 3 male backing vocalists and backing drummer. The performance is strong, as was previously, with Freddie hitting all the bigger notes throughout. Freddie receives a good response from the audience.

06 Italy: Francesca Michielin – No degree of separation

The first of the Big 5 countries to perform this evening! Francesca Michielin wears an all-in-one jumpsuit featuring gems, fitting with the theme of the song and staging of the performance. Small white flickering graphics, the same as those from the official music video, appear on screen around Francesca in connection with her hand-choreography. A nice performance from Italy.

07 Israel: Hovi Star – Made of stars

Hovi Star takes centre-stage next with Made of stars, featuring his 3 backing acrobats who perform behind the singer at all times. The performance is effective and works well with the lyrics and feel of the song. Hovi is powerful and connects with the song throughout; a potential dark horse in the contest.

08 Bulgaria: Poli Genova – If love was a crime

Returning artist Poli Genova takes to the stage next with a very slight change to her eye make-up compared to her semi-final 2 performance. Poli visibly enjoys her performance on stage, constantly smiling through the performance and adding that extra bit of energy for the audience. Poli receives and huge cheer in the arena and the centre.

09 Sweden: Frans – If I were sorry

As expected, the biggest reaction in the arena this evening goes to the host country of Sweden and their representative, Frans. The audience sing and clap along with the entry, adding to the performance and helping Frans to connect with the arena as he walks down the catwalk. Applause erupts in the arena at the end of the performance.

10 Germany: Jamie-Lee – Ghost

Germany’s Jamie-Lee onstage next tonight, wearing her famous Korean-inspired outfit. Jamie-Lee’s vocal performance is stronger than that from the first semi-final performance at the jury show, hitting the end note with ease. The backing vocals and staging as a whole enhances Germany’s performance onstage.

11 France: Amir – J’ai cherché

Another crowd favourite this year is France’s Amir. Despite appearing onstage alone, Amir brings enough energy to the stage which adds a lot to the performance. A female backing vocalist can also be heard at times in the background to help with the song. The LED background fits well with the French entry and is strong enough alone, the main attention being on Amir.

12 Poland: Michał Szpak – Color of your life

Michał Szpak from Poland next onstage tonight with his operatic-ballad. Staging plays a huge part in Michał’s performance with lights and LED screen effects lighting up throughout. Michał hits the majority of the bigger notes in the song, however his voice noticeably cracks in the last part of the final chorus.

13 Australia: Dami Im – Sound of silence

A short break takes place before one of this year’s favourites, Dami Im, takes to the stage. A powerful performance both choreography-wise and vocally for the Australian singer, the huge notes receiving much appreciation from the audience members. A very strong contender in this year’s competition.

14 Cyprus: Minus One – Alter ego

One of the few rock songs in the contest this year from Minus One, performing onstage once again with their specially designed cages. Plenty of camera effects and strobe lights play a big part throughout the Cypriot performance onstage. A different genre appearing in between 2 ballads could be of benefit to Cyprus.

15 Serbia: ZAA Sanja Vučić – Goodbye (Shelter)

Power-ballad time from Serbia’s ZAA Sanja Vučić, entering the stage with her 4 backing vocalists and dancer. The choreography works well with the message of the song and comes across both in the arena and on camera. Sanja hits all the dramatic notes in the song, receiving a big reaction in the arena.

16 Lithuania: Donny Montell – I’ve been waiting for this night

Another returning Eurovision artist takes to the stage next this evening! Donny Montell performs onstage on his own; the choreography used with the backing LED screens works well and is effective throughout. Following Donny’s jump from the trampoline, both Donny and the backing vocalists sing slightly out of time with the music, but soon get back on track before the song ends.

17 Croatia: Nina Kraljić – Lighthouse

Onstage next is Nina Kraljić from Croatia, performing with her 4 backing vocalists. Generally a strong vocal performance from Nina despite a few shaky notes in the middle of the song. Nina conveys the song well onstage up until the performance ends.

18 Russia: Sergey Lazarev – You are the only one

Current betting odds favourite Sergey Lazarev takes to the stage next with his cleverly-designed staging for his performance. Another strong performance from the Russian singer, not that much different to his semi-final performance, the only slight different being sharper actions from Sergey.

19 Spain: Barei – Say yay!

Our penultimate Big 5 country of the evening comes from Spain with their representative, Barei. Barei brings plenty of energy to her performance, performing strong vocally and choreography-wise. The audience erupts into a huge applause at the arena.

20 Latvia: Justs – Heartbeat

Latvia’s Justs enters the Eurovision stage tonight, performing on the stage solo. Justs visibly puts a lot of passion into his performances through both his actions and his vocals. Justs works well onstage with the camera and the performance is effective.

21 Ukraine: Jamala – 1944

One of the most visibly emotional songs on the contest takes to the stage next tonight with Jamala’s 1944. You can feel the passion and emotion in the arena from the performance as Jamala puts all her efforts into the song. Jamala is a strong contender in this year’s contest following tonight’s performance.

22 Malta: Ira Losco – Walk on water

A further returning artist is Ira Losco from Malta, performing onstage with her male contemporary dancer. Ira performs well onstage with her backing dancer through most of the performance, dancing slightly out of sync at one point, but performs a generally strong vocal performance.

23 Georgia: Nika Kocharov & Young Georgian Lolitaz – Midnight gold

One surprise among the Eurovision community this year; Nika Kocharov & Young Georgian Lolitaz take to the stage next this evening with their alternative entry. A couple of seemingly pyrotechnics are added to this performance, with strobe lighting playing a major part in the staging. The performance itself works well with the song and could be the surprise of the night.

24 Austria: ZOË – Loin d’ici

ZOË takes to the stage next with her sweet performance of Loin d’ici. ZOË is visibly happy on stage and you can feel that in the arena and on camera. ZOË is slightly shaky vocally throughout the performance, but she finishes strong.

25 United Kingdom: Joe & Jake – You’re not alone

The last of the Big 5 performs onstage tonight with Joe & Jake. A fitting performance to match with the entry, coming across well in the arena and on camera for the viewing public. The duo’s vocals are solid throughout, with pyros finishing the performance.

26 Armenia: Iveta Mukuchyan – LoveWave

Iveta Mukuchyan is last to take to the stage tonight, one of the crowd favourites of the evening. Iveta adds power to her performance with the choreography used in connection with the pyrotechnics. Video graphics also appear on camera like with the semi-final performance. A strong, solid performance from Iveta this evening which could place very well tomorrow night.

Following tonight’s song performances, a short sketch took place featuring Freddie and Stuart, playing by Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi, from the British sitcom Vicious, before the recap is shown.

Making his grand appearance at the Globe Arena is superstar Justin Timberlake, speaking to Måns in the greenroom before performing his songs Rock your body and Cannot stop the feeling on the Eurovision stage.

Comedy sketches feature several times throughout the contest in the lead up to the closing of the voting, including an appearance from the one and only Lynda Woodruff!

Voting closes before Måns takes to the stage to perform his new single along with his winning Eurovision entry from last year, Heroes.

Voting beings and with Belgium winning the dummy results of the jury votes, it was time to move on to the televote results. The results from the 26th to 11th being revealed on after another, the top 10 results were revealed in a more dramatic manner, building more tension and excitement.

The excitement then builds as the top 4 countries from the televote are revealed, before the votes continue. Receiving the highest amount of points in the dummy televotes was the Czech Republic. However combining the votes, it was Belgium who won tonight’s dummy votes.

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