Eurovision 2016 Daily Press Poll first live broadcast on 2 May at 19:30

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The ESCToday Daily Press Poll was introduced in last year’s Eurovision Song Contest. It is a tool for predicting trends at the upcoming contest, while using the knowledge of the press and people working at the press centre who follow the rehearsals.

UPDATE: The first live broadcast, covering today’s (2 May) happenings, will begin at 19:30 on our YouTube.

Last year, the poll has predicted the success of countries as Belgium, Latvia, Estonia, Norway, Israel, Serbia and Hungary, as well as the failure of qualification of countries as Iceland, Belarus and Malta. The final’s poll has managed to predict seven out of the top eight. The poll was already used this year in a smaller scale in Hungary’s A Dal final and predicted the winner as well as the four superfinalists, and in Sweden’s Melodifestivalen final when it got the winner right and additional two out of the top four.


At the end of each day of the first rehearsals, a total of 35 press members will be asked for their top three rehearsals of the day, giving 5 points to their first place, 3 points to the second and 1 point to the third. Note that the scores are relative to that specific day and could not reflect on a total ranking of a country (Sweden won its daily poll last year with 55 points, compared to Norway winning it a day earlier with 93 points) but can predict trends and the success/failure possibilities of a country.


This year, in order to raise the excitement and the interaction with our followers, the results will be revealed during a LIVE broadcast on our YouTube every evening. After the results will be presented and discussed, a Q&A session will begin where you will be able to send in your questions regarding the latest happenings in Stockholm and get answers right away from us!

Corresponding to the rehearsal schedule, the broadcast time will vary from day to day. Stay tuned to ESCToday and to our Facebook Page in order to get more information. Each broadcast is estimated to last for about 20 minutes.

Flashback to 2015: Watch Mørland and Debrah Scarlett reacting to their Daily Press Poll win on 13 May

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