Portugal 2009: The Tayti interview

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The duo Tayti is formed by Tania and Cathy. They are celebrating their tenth anniversary in the music business and have been selected as one of the twelve finalists at Festival da Cancao 2009.

The duowere unawarethat their manager had submitted a song in the first phase of the Portuguese selection process to the Eurovision Songcontest 2009. When they found out they had been selected they were very happy. In theonline voting Amore mio, amore miocame 12th.

Tayti are known for their latin flavoured songs with catchy choruses. That is what their entry is all about. Read here moreand get to knowTania and Cathy in the interview they gave to Esctoday.com.

What is the feeling of having a career that spans a decade? Only few artits manage to have one.

It is a feeling of happiness. We are grateful to our audience for being with us throughout the last ten years.

Which moments would you consider as the most important ones in your career?

There are several. Reaching twice the status of platinum album, being fifteen consecutive weeks as number one on the charts. There is also this one show that had fourty thousand people watching it. It was in the island of Madeira. In the end we had to be escorted by dozens of policemen to leave.

How will you commemorate this date of your career?

We released an album last Christmas (Tayti 10 Years). We will do shows with a higher level of production. We will also take part at Festival da Canção 2009.

What aspectswould youpoint in your song Amore mio, amore mio as being a good candidate to represent Portugal in Moscow?

The latin and cheerful rythm of our song, the lyrics and also our presence. We would certainly stand out in Moscow.

How have you been leaving this experience participating in the national final?

With great excitement.

What can be expected of your performance at Teatro de Camões?

We will do our best and will also try to surprise people.

Is there any winning song from Festival the canção that you prefer or that has touched you in a special way?

There are several songs.

Do you usually watch the Eurovision Songcontest?

We don't watch it on a regular basis because of our professional appointments.

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Keep up the good work. We thank you and send you a big kiss.

Esctoday.com thanks Tayti for this intwerview and wishes them all the best.

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