Live: National final in Andorra

by Marcus Klier 52 views

The Andorran national final for the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest is about to be held. Three contestants will present one song each to get the ticket to Moscow and become the country's sixth representative in the Eurovision Song Contest.

A WEBCAST is provided here.


  1. Susanna GeorgiLa teva decisió
  2. Mar CapdevilaPassió obsessiva
  3. Lluis CartesExhaust


The shows opens with the English version of the song La, la, la, the Spanish winning entry of the 1968 Eurovision Song Contest. It was actually supposed to be performed in Catalan, but that was not acceptable for the regime of that time.

1. Susanna GeorgiLa teva decisió

Current poll result: 64.2% (1st)

Susanna accompanies herself on a slightly oversized guitar while performing the first entry tonight, which is a straightforward pop/rock song in a rather Scandinavian style. The performance is very charming and the vocalsalmost flawless, but thedance routine by the two backing ladies seems not very professional andmore than slightly out-of-place. The night club atmospherein the studio works well for the song, but itis hard to predict howit would come out on a huge Eurovisionstage neither if it is outstanding enough to become the country's first qualifier.

2.Mar CapdevilaPassió obsessiva

Current poll result: 21.8% (2nd)

The second entry mixes pop and rock with some disco tunes and while the song is somehow catchy, it gets a bit monotonous after a while. Mar Capdevile performs more like a diva than Susanna did, but the charming style of the first performance came across slightly better in the intimate atmosphere of the stage. The backing dance performance is the same as for the first entry and it fits neither better nor worse.

3. Lluis CartesExhaust

Current poll result: 13.9% (3rd)

A very dark atmosphere is created on stage for the third and last song tonight. From the three songs in the running, it is probably the most unusual and least predictable one. However, it hardly sticks to one's head having listened to it for the first time, which is usually not a good sign for a Eurovision entry. While the simple performance works well for the song, it is not sure if the singer would manage to fill the presumably huge Eurovision Song Contest stage in Moscow with his presence.

Susanna Georgi has won the national final and will represent Andorra in Moscow.

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