Spain: 3 songs will eventually compete for Riga

by Itamar Barak 124 views

According to the website, at the end of today's (Monday) gala of Spain's Operación Triunfo, only 3 songs, out of the 9 to be performed on the show, will be up for the public's vote.

It is still unclear wether the Spanish broadcaster (TVE) has changed it's plans once again, or was it just confidential until now, but the method by which the Spanish entry for the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest will be chosen, is now known to be a bit different than what was published.

Tonight (Monday), each of the three final contestants (picture) will perform 3 songs. A panel of judges (including Sergio Dalma, Spain's entrant in 1991) will then eliminate one song per singer, leaving the number of songs at 6. Then, the viewers will be able to televote for their best loved song out of these 6. Eventually, each contestant will remain with one song of his/her that the audience loved most. This will make a total number of 3 songs, on which the viewers of TVE will televote for a week.

The winning entry will be declared on next week's gala, on February 17th. The performer of the winning song will be the ultimate winner of this year's series, and the Spanish entrant to the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest in Riga.

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