33 tons giant stage in Swedish preselections/final

by Bjørn Erik Opheim 29 views

The Swedish broadcaster SVT is putting a lot of money in the production of their national selection method, Melodifestivalen, this year. Even the stage has huge dimentions. The same stage will be used during the four regular preselections as well as the national final. In addition to the main stage, three minor stages will be constructed. The participating artists will be viewable for the actual audience as well as the televiewers, after their respective performances.

To transport the enormous stage and the technical equipment from one host city to another, the broadcaster will need five trailer trucks. SVT has hired no less than 200 workers, a great part being technicians, who are all directly involved in the production. To stage the stage, and get everything ready for the next preselection, including rehearsals, five working days will be consumed. Multiplied with five events, this means 25 days of work! Nine cameras will record the event simultaniously.

The stage is promised to be “stylish, modern and playful”, with 31 colour-changing inflatable pillars hanging in the open air, making up the main creation. Between the main stage and the audience, on each side of the main stage, two minor stages will be build. These are intended used for the artists as well as the hosts. There will also be a fourth, less important, stage. The four stages added together, or the stage floors to be precise, will have a weight of twelve tons. The decorations hanging from the roof are even more breathtaking as they equal to 21 tons.

Maybe the most innovating of all the elements in the plan created by the scenographer/set designer Mikael Varhelyis, is the idea behind the green room. Actually there will be two green rooms, each having a capacity of 40 persons. During the entire show, both the televiewers and especially the present audience, will be able to have a look at all the artists who already have performed their entries. Maybe the green rooms will be transparent?

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