F.L.Y. flies in Latvian national final

by Aija Medinika 38 views

The winners of the Latvian National Final F.L.Y. explains number three has been their lucky number this year.

The group F.L.Y. consits of three Latvian musicians. The F stands for Martins Freimanis (tumsa.lv), the L is for Lauris Reiniks (laurisreiniks.lv), he represented the Latvian vote in the Eurovision Song Contest 2000, but the Y is for Yana Kay (yanakay.com). The musicians have their own projects and have participated in the Latvian National Final Eirodziesma for three years. (It is the first time the number three appears) This is the year two thousand and THREE and they are singing in the trio.
The main idea of their song is to show that the musicians can agree on the joint projects and the common aims, making a song, which they have put their heart and soul in and which they like themselves, as well as the public likes to listen to and watch.

Olexandr Ponomaryov, the representative of the Ukraine at Eurovision Song Contest 2003, pointed out Hello From Mars as his favoutite too. As the guest star he performed the song Vin chekaye na nei (He is waiting for her) which is not his Eurovision entry by the way.

Due to some organisational matters Ich Troje, the winners of the Polish National Final, could not come to Ventspils.
What would be the Latvian national final without a performance of Marie N? She sang a song from her new album On a journey.

To all esctoday.com readers F.L.Y. says Hello From Mars and tells that only some slight changes can be expected in the song on May 24.

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