ESCToday’s National Chart: Melodi Grand Prix 2016 (Norway)

by Gil Laufer 75 views

The ESCToday National Chart is a chart that predicts who is going to win a national selection based on various reactions and rankings, before the selection kicks off. As Melodi Grand Prix 2016 takes place tonight, it is time to see who has the best chances to win among the participating songs.


  • YouTube Ranks (30%)  Based on the various ‘my personal top’ recaps that are uploaded to YouTube. The act with the highest average ranking gets 30 points, second gets 29 points, all the way to the 30th place who gets one point
  • YouTube Views (30%) – Based on the popularity of the songs and artists based on the view count of the official videos or the video with the highest amount of views in case there is no official video. The act with the highest amount of views gets 30 points, second gets 29 points, all the way to the 30th place who gets one point
  • ESCToday’s Poll (30%) – Based on our readers’ and followers’ opinions who voted in the poll we have launched earlier this week. In case of a tie, all songs with the same amount of votes get the average amount of points (for example three songs sharing the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places will get 29 points each)
  • ESCToday’s Team Opinion (10%) – Based on the team’s opinions regarding each entry and its chances to win the national selection


1Laila SamuelsAfterglow3024301094
2Agnete JohnsenIcebreaker272727889
3Suite 16Anna Lee241821770
4The Hungry Hearts feat. Lisa DillanLaika122124966
5Freddy Kalas Feel da rush93018360
6Stine UllaTraces181515654
8MakedaStand up1569535
10Stage Dolls Into the fire393116


  • Laila Samuels takes the first overall place with first places among the Ranks, the Poll and the Team votes.
  • Agnete Johnsen runs shortly behind with being the runner up in three out of the four factors
    • The fan-favourite entry Laika ends up only fourth, with the YouTube favourite Freddy Kalas ending only fifth in the overall ranking.

Laila SamuelsAfterglowWinner of Norway’s ESCToday National Chart

Stay tuned to for more news regarding MGP 2016 and Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016

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