Eurovision Odds: Bookies’ Roundup, Day 1

by Richard West-Soley 410 views

Rehearsal fortnight is something of a watershed for Eurovision fans and punters alike; it’s a chance to take stock of the first favourites, and judge how they might actually come across to the juries and voting public. The first day of rehearsals has come and gone, and we can now take a look at how it has affected the standing of the entries so far.

At first glance, the bookmakers show very little in the way of major shake-ups after today. However, given a strong first showing on stage for Goodbye to Yesterday, at least one bookmaker has shifted fourth favourite Estonia up a notch, now at only 5-1. Could it be the result of more convinced fans’ euros flooding their way? Certainly, the journalists on location thought so, given the results of’s poll today, ranking Estonia in the top three of the day’s performances.

Conversely, Finland, although still the fifth favourite to win on average, shows a very slight shift downwards. Odds of 8-1 are currently not offered by any bookmakers as they were before rehearsals began, with the general consensus placing them around 16-1.

Towards the middle of the table, moving away from the obvious bookmakers’ favourites, there is yet to be a major breakthrough in the odds. Belgium hovers around the same odds of around 50-1, whilst Greece improves slightly, after a good first outing on stage. Both, interestingly, were ranked top in’s on location poll. Armenia surprises many by shortening up into the top half of the bookies’ board.

Further down, the Netherlands – could it be that dress? – start to drift a little, with F.Y.R. Macedonia unchanged, and Moldova still lingering at the bottom of the confidence ladder with odds of up to 500-1.

Will today’s rehearsals shift the stalemate?
Could we see any of the top three current favourites being challenged?

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