OT 2: Elena Gadel voted out of the academy

by Bjørn Erik Opheim 45 views

Elena Gadel had to leave the Operación Triunfo academy this Monday after only receiving 38.4% of the televotes, while her opponent Nika was saved by collecting 61.6% of the votes. For fourth consecutive week, Tony Santos was given immunity by being appointed the sought after title the Favourite of the Viewers.

After Elena Gadel left, the amount of remaining singers have now been reduced to ten.

For second successive week, the two candidates to leave the academy are both male, being Joan Tena and Danni Úbeda. Nika, nominated again this week, was saved by the teachers, while Hugo had to put his faith in the other co-singers, who finally came to his rescue.

It may seem like the Spanish TV viewers don't change their mind very easily, because again the three favourites were Tony Santos, Beth and Manuel Carrasco, out of whom Tony was elected. With this situation, Tony has so far gone through more or less identically the same experience as Rosa did last year.

Beth (left) and Vega (right) during their performance

The super star visiting the academy during the last week was no less a person than Shania Twain herself, who also performed during the gala.

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