Exclusive: Laka for Bosnia-Herzegovina

by Sanel Hadziahmetovic-Jurida 282 views

esctoday.com can reveal that BHRT has made its decision on who will represent Bosnia-Herzegovina at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest earlier than expected. Out of 31 shortlisted songs, the seven-member Commission has opted for Elvir Lakovic Laka, and the song with the working title Pokusaj (Try). Laka is the author of both the music and the lyrics. The singer is famous in the Balkans and one of the most popular artists in his home country.

Further to the rules on the selection of the song to represent Bosnia-Herzegovina at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade in May 2008, the seven-member commission formed by the BHRT with the task to select the country's representative for the 53rd Eurovision Song Contest, including the following members:

  1. Dejan Kukric, BHT1 Music and Entertainment Prorgramme Editor, Head of BH Eurosong 2008 Delegation
  2. Milorad Kenjalovic, MPhil, Full Professor, Dean, Arts Academy, Banjaluka
  3. Vesna Andree-Zaimovic, MPhil in Music,(and Bosnia-Herzegovina ESC 1999 participant)
  4. Jasmin Ferovic, Head of BH Radio 1 Music Programme
  5. Damir Sehanovic, music reporter
  6. Admir Djulandzic, MPBHRT music producer
  7. Maja Cengic, PR and BH Eurosong 2008 Project Press

The commission met today (27th December 2007)at the BHRT offices, listened to all 31 shortlisted songsselected from a total of 50 received by the 20th December deadline, and decided that the representative of Bosnia-Herzegovina at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest will be Elvir Lakovic Laka, with his song Pokusaj (Try).

This, however, is just a working title of the song that will first be presented to the general public in a live special TV show programme on BHRT on Sunday, 2 March 2008. Laka is the author of both the music and the lyrics of the song titled Pokusaj (Try).

Bosnia-Herzegovina will try to wina ticket to the grand final of the 53rd Eurovision Song Contest through one of the semi-finals. Since the introduction of the semi-finals in 2004, the country has never failed to qualify for the final.

You can see an example of one of Laka's songs below.