Belgrade 2008: Ticket reservations in January

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RTS executive producer Sandra Su�a stated to Beta News Agency that online reservations for the tickets for the next Eurovision Song Contest will start on 13 January. Ms Su�a also stated that the prices will be lower than in Helsinki, mainly because of the two semi finals format

Online ticket reservations will be made from January 13-20, according to RTS Executive producer Ms Sandra Suša. "We are about 20 days behind schedule with the tickets", Ms Suša said "they are usually available during the holiday season as it is customary for some people to offer them as Christmas presents".But certain delays were unavoidable due to the change in the format of the contest and the introduction of the two semi finals,according to Ms Susa

Ms Suša assured that tickets will be made available on time and that prices will be "flexible'' due to the two semi finals. The exact cost is not known yet but Ms Suša reassures the fans that they will be cheaper than in Helsinki as "RTS's main objective is not to make a profit from ticket sales".Regular ticket sales will start at a later date when the agreements with the sponsors have been finalised.

Apart from the Big Four and winner Serbia, none of the other participating countries will know exactly in which of the two semi finals they will be placed until the Reference Group meeting on 27-28 January. That could mean that the demand for the semi final tickets will be low until fans know for sure which one their country participates in.

Very special thanks to Aleksandar Kesic for his contribution to the article.

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