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The 46th edition of the Festival i Këngës is about to take place, which means tonight the Albanian representative for the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade will be chosen. A webcast will be provided, you can watch the show by following link below or listen to the radio webcast. Tonight's live coverage will be provided by Roni Klein of OGAE Albania and John Nielsen.

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The draw of the running order has taken place this morning.

The show has started. Elsa and Pirro welcome the audience – they announce that tonight, there won't be medleys but just a strong competition. The jury is introduced.

1. Samanta KaravelloPse u harrua dashuria (Why love got forgotten)

Samanta wears a much better outfit tonight to present her dramatic ballad. The vocals are very good und suit the song well.

Now the festival prize is shown, they talk with the only female member of the jury, Rudina Magjistari. They are showing the prize, it is inspired by the picture of the head logo of this festival and shaped like a heart.

2. Produkt 2830 sekonda (30 seconds)

Although they are very popular in Albania at the moment, Produkt 28 might be one of the most surprising acts who have reached the final. The band looks like in the semi final and wears the same hip hop outfits that – of course- are the right choice for the song.

3. Eneida TarifaE para leter (The first letter)

Eneida is wearing a very long red dress. It's another ballad with a very strong and emotional vocal performance. Nevertheless, it's not sure if this entry will stand out of the others.

4. Mariza IkonomiMall i tretur (Disolved nostalgy)

Mariza is wearing the same dress as in the semi final, a white one covered with a balck veil. The ethinc song is in a style typical for the singer, who is one of the most famous ones tonight. Nevertheless, her entry needs to be listened to several times, because it grows on you.

5. Mira Konci& Redon Makashi- Nen nje qiell (Under the samesky)

One of the hottest favourites tonight. The original version is better than the medley version and Redon has improved his vocals – both performes sing very well tonight. Nevertheless, Redon probably needs a goodshaver – and a hairdresser. The audience is very enthusiastic.

6. F. Kralani& D. DishaJeta kerkon dashuri (Life seeks love)

This song was produced by the same team that was reposible for Anjeza Shahini's entry in 2004. This is one of the songs that could do either very well or very bad in Belgrade, but it's nevertheless an undeniably catchy pop song. The audience is very enthusiastic and asks for an encore.

7. ManjolaNallbaniKjo bote merr fryme nga dashuria (This world breathes of love)

Manjola performs in the same white dress as in the semi final that makes her almost look like a bride. The song is dramatic (the singer looks like she's in pain)opera-like ballad that probably does not stick in your head listening to it for the first time.

8. KthjelluDhoma (The room)

Elsa states that Albania some Kthjellu – as it means "clear up", and it's snowing in Albania. The band from Kosovo with their rock song are probably one of the more suprising choices for the final. The performance is very simple and typical for the genre.

9. Kozma DushiTatuazh ne kujtese (Tattuage in mind)

Kozma is one of the singers who have been in the festival almost every year for more than 20 years now. Vocals and song are "ok" but it's not one the big favourites. Someone comments that he looks like blend of Corinna May and Roy Orbison…

Elsa Lila is talking to a journalist, M. Nano, who will present the next song.

10. Devis XherahuEndacaku (The nomad)

Devis is accompanied by two children (which, of course, would not be allowed in the Eurovision Song Contest). The singer comes from a 12 year experience in neighbouring country Greece, he has collaborated with well-known singer Leftereis Pantazis. The song has many ethnic elements which makes the classi black suit the singer is wearing probably not the best choice.

11. Teuta KurtiQyteti i dashurise (City of love)

Teuta is wearing a long black gala dress with no glitters. She has definitely a powerful voice, she can show it especially at the end of the song which is interesting but also a bit repetitive.

12. Greta KociNaten te kerkove (I was looking for you at night)

The audience is going mad when one of the biggest stars tonight enters the stage. Greta Koci has the same outfit as on the semifinal and same dancers… if she wins she need to find some other ones. The stage performance is Pink meets Ruslana while the song is pretty repetitive but very popular with the audience.

13. Juliana PashaNje qiell te ri (The new sky)

The song rises after a slo start and sounds very good as Juliana has the proper voice for the decent melody. Very powerful in the end.
14. Agim PoshkaKujt I them te dua
Agim is again accompanied by the girls who draws messages like "love", "delusion","why did youforget me" out of the trolley she brought on stage. The song is not very memorable but very popular with the audience.
15. Jonida MaliqiS’ka fajtor ne dashuri (There is no guilty one in love)
The singer has shiny red hair and she wears a black dress with some glitters, there are four backup singers. The song sounds better than in the semi final and the audience asks her back on stage.
Elsa Lila thanks the stage designer – he has previously made 20 stages for the San Remo festival.Now she is talking to a jury member, David Tukici who won the festival of children several years ago with a song called Globi rrotullohet (The globe spins around).
16. Olta Boka Zemren lame peng (We gambled the heart)
The singer looks like Anjeza Shini from a not so far distance and the performance also remids of her. The ballad suits her very well.
17. Rosela GjylbeguPo lind nje yll (A star is rising)

It's a very ethnic song. It's a strong closing entry but not very likely to win tonight.
Now it is explained, how the jury voting will take place tonight. Every jury memeber will give 12 points to the best song, 9 to the second best,8 for the third best and then 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and1.The singers themself will choose their personal top10.
Now it's the start of a probably long series of interval acts, starting with Italian band Neri Per Caso. Elsa is welcoming them and asking what where there impressions of Albania. The band is trying their skills in Albanian. They are preparing for San Remo and their upcoming album. They are performing two songs, but it would be no surprise if they went for more in the end. Now they porm White Christmas with Elsa Lila.
Elsa Lila and Pirro Cako perform the second interval act, a composition by Cako.
Now special thanks go to Pali Kuku, the director of the festival.
Next interval act: Rednex! The band came to Albania this morning. Elsa asks, if the band will make a new CD and they answered that they will and that they also want to come to Albania on their world tour. They will probably perform three songs of their upcoming album.
Only one interval act to go: the song Margjelo will beperformed live by Elsa Lila.

Flaka Krelani Doruntina Disha in the lead now.

Olta Boka – Zemren lame peng AND Flaka Krelani Doruntina Disha in the lead now.

Olta Boka – Zemren lame peng in the lead now.

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