Dark floors � the fear is here

by Ilari Karhapää 97 views

The Finnish website Habbo.fi has the exclusive to the trailer of the forthcoming Lordi movie Dark floors � The Lordi motion picture. The film will premiere in Finland on February 8, 2008 and this is the first chance to see material from it. The script is co-written by Mr Lordi and Pete Riski, who has also directed it. Previously he has directed the Lordi videos.

Taking place in a hospital the film is made in a true American slasher movie tradition with some Japanese influences.It tells the story ofSarah, an autistic girl kept in a hospital. Her father wants to get her out of there against the will of the medical people. Their escape goes very wrong when they are trapped along with other four people in an elevator. Later when the elevator doors open again they found out the hospital is completely deserted and the nightmare starts. Their salvation depends on Sarah only…

Watch the trailer here.