Patrick Juvet back on stage

by Dominique Dufaut 73 views

As reported ealier this year, a show including French-speaking “glories” of the 60's, 70's and 80's is touring France with great success. Age tendre et tête de bois, named after a musical TV program 40 years ago, will go on in 2008, with a new cast including Swiss singer Patrick Juvet. The schedule is already planned, until next October, ending with a date in Geneva.

The first season had two Eurovision-related artists on stage, François Deguelt (Monaco 60 & 62) and Michèle Torr (Luxembourg 66 & Monaco 77). The same Michèle was still on stage in the second season, alongside Marie Myriam (France 77). Patrick Juvet will now enter the third season, which is more "70's oriented".

Patrick Juvet, who represented his home-land Switzerland in 1973, had a lot of big hits, from 1972 to the end of the 70's, reaching international fame with a few songs in English, when disco was "in". In France, his biggest selling single was "Où sont les femmes ?", published in 1977, composed by French musician Jean-Michel Jarre. In the 80's and the 90's, Juvet didn't manage to go back up the charts, even if he tried on several occasions. Anyway, the man is still very popular in people's memory and often invited on TV, when it's time to talk about the "good old times".

Patrick Juvet's myspace gives a short biography of the artist, in which his Eurovision participation is mentioned, as well as the disappointing result… with the following comment : "A 13th place… not deserved, he said afterwards". An official website is also announced to be launched shortly.