Austria/Spain: Conchita Wurst’s visit to Spain

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The winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 Conchita Wurst visited Spain earlier this week. There she gave an interview for a late night show, which served to discuss her forthcoming co-hosting of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna and Spain’s competing entry this year, informs the website

Conchita Wursts fame did not wane a bit since she won the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen last year. She has opened her way through fame unstoppably since her victory almost a year ago, becoming a renowned and recognized artist internationally.

In line with this unstoppable journey, Conchita Wurst paid a visit to the Spanish public with an interview at the late night show En el aire, broadcast by the private television station La Sexta, and host by the Spanish journalist and producer Andreu Buenafuente.

Spain’s entry for this year, Amanecer, has made an impression among the Eurovision fans, but also among the general public. The interviewer did not want to miss the opportunity to get the feeling of the latest Eurovision winner about the Spanish song for this year and the representative, Edurne. Conchita was clearly pleased with the Spanish proposal for this year, for which she holds great expectations. In her own words, I think that the video is great and her voice is terrific. It’s a powerful song… Maybe this time Spain can win the Eurovision Song Contest…

Conchita also gave her own tip for success when asked about the chances of Edurne at the Eurovision Song Contest. According to her, if the artists are true to themselves, they have chances of winning.

Buenafuente also asked Conchita about the role she will have in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest as a host. To that, she confessed that she was very nervous. Hosting is not what I do everyday. And I’m going to be in the Green Room. That’s an important place to be because I know how the contestants feel. I have a mission: I want to bring fun, because as an artist you tend to get very emotional and strict, and they must forget about that and enjoy it.

To close the interview, Conchita performed her latest single You are unstoppable.

You can see the videos of the interview (in Spanish) at the official website of La Sexta.

Conchita and Edurne meet

For the interview, Conchita traveled to Barcelona. Edurne, the Spanish representative in the forthcoming Contest happened to be also in the city for different reasons. Both singers had a chance to meet, and as Edurne stated for, talk about the Eurovision Song Contest.

It has been a pleasure to be with her, said Edurne, and talk with her about the Contest. She has been so kind as to share her experience with me. And we will meet again for sure in Vienna!

Pictures of the meeting of Conchita and Edurne were taken and shared on Edurne’s Official Facebook page.

Conchita Wurst won the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Copenhagen with Rise like a phonix, bringing the competition to her home country, Austria, this year.

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