Belarus: EuroFest participants announced

by Anna Krasilnikova 340 views

Belarussian broadcaster BelTV has announced the 15 names of the singers who will participate in the EuroFest semi final on 21st December. Several of them will be voted by audience and jury to qualify to the national final and compete for the right to represent the country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 in Belgrade.

The professional jury had announced earlier today the15contestants who havequalified to the semifinal of the National TV Music Project EuroFest. Several out of them (two or three performers) will be selected by interactive voting of the audience and voting of the jury and qualify to the national final with the right to compete for the right to represent the Republic of Belarus in Belgrade.

The line-up of the semifinalists of "EuroFest" National TV Music Project are as follows (composer / lyricist in brackets):

  1. Ruslan AlekhnoHasta la vista
    (T. Demchuk/ E. Melnik)
  2. PalatsWheel of windmill
    (O. Khomenko)
  3. DaliSilver sky
    (V. Rudenko)
  4. LitesoundDo you believe
    (D. Kariakin/ V. Kariakin)
  5. PinCodeYou can
    (N. Bogdanova /V. Masalsky, N. Bogdanova)
  6. Anya Sharkunova & German TitovWe are to be the first
    (M. Aleinikov/ V. Kubyshkin)
  7. GuneshI can't live without you
    (G. Abasova/ M. Khaidbaeva, G. Galushko)
  8. Lena VoloshinaThat's all I feel
    ( L. Shirin/ A. Kostiugov)
  9. Yulia GusevaMaybe
    (A. Melnikov)
  10. The ChampionsDrive me crazy
    (V. Lyschik/O. Emeck)
  11. Po GlazamGirl of three thousand years
  12. ScandalEverybody
    (I. Ksinakis,A. Kostiugov)
  13. Oksana KovalevskayaAlways alone
    (O. Kovalevskaya)
  14. Victor PshenichnyBaby blue
    (A. Nabeev)
  15. KatrinFollow me
    (E. Tsvirko /A. Kostiugov)

Some of the names are known to Eurovision fans from before: Gunesh, Litesound and Dali took part in the national semi final last year.

Anya Sharkunova was born in Pinsk in sailor’s family. That is why no wonder that the girl likes the sea. She managed to reach great success in shortest time. Her song Goodbye, my last love was actively played by all Belarusian radio stations. Anya also performed it during Silver Gramophone project and occupied 2nd place for a month.


The band actively toured all over Belarus and Poland. Dali are laureates of Golden Hit – 2005, Music Contest – Tribute to Vladimir Muliavin and finalists of the national qualifying contest Eurovision 2006. The band is ready to invite the audience to the journey of fantasies and show the essence of Belarusian character. Dali say about themselves that they may be liked and may be adored – subtle insolence and artistic helter-skelter – it is al Dali. Dali finished 10th in the 2006 Belarussian final with Europe's heart's groove.


Litesound rock bandwere founded in 2004. Over two years the band has turned into a successful project known far outside Belarus. The musicians took prizes of international contests in China and USA. This year, Litesound won first place during the contest held in Italy. The musicians write music and lyrics by themselves and bet on high level of performance and music material. At present Litesound are into writing their first album. Litesound came sixth in the 2006 Belarussian final with the song My faith.

Victor Pshenichniy

Victor Pshenichny is well-known to the domestic audience for such songs as The Alchemists, Magnetic Waves, Letters from the Coast. He took up music at the age of 17 in Bobruisk. Then he was called up and played in Severomorsk wind band for two years. That was when he wrote his first song. His cooperation with the State Belarusian Concert Orchestra conducted by Mikhail Finberg was another serious step in his music career. Roads, big concerts, prestigious festivals including Slavonic Basaar came next. For several years Pshenichny performed in Bahrain. When he returned home in 2004, Victor immediately took up a solo career and he thinks that was landmark moment in his life.

Belarus has reached the final of the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time in 2007 where Koldun finished 6th with Work your magic.