Sarbel in the Indian press

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Sarbel the latest Greek teenage sensation has made headlines in AAINA, an Indian magazine. The Greek star is all set to conquer India and who knows Bollywood next! There has been huge interest in the Eurovision Song Contest among Indians overseas, specially this year thanks to Sarbel. Spanish based Indian magazine AAINA interviewed Sarbel in Finland. along with AAINA magazine brings you the exclusive Sarbel interview.

Merhaba Sarbel. Are you surprised that there is a huge interest in India and among the Indians in your music?

Merhaba ! Well I’m not very surprised as I have seen an Indian version of my song ‘Yassou Maria on youtube and as you know I have lived in the UK and I have many Indian friends.

Then are you familiar with our music and film industry ie Bollywood?

Yes, I am a huge fan of Shah Rukh Khan and my favourite Indian song is Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and I really like Say Shava Shava from what was it called Kabhi Khusi Khabi Gham!

Wow! you know a lot about Bollywood and you pronounce the words so well. Would you be interested in joining the Bollywood bandwagon as an actor or singer?

Oh I would love to. It would be an extraordinary experience to sing in Hindi. I have sung in several languages before: Arabic, English, Turkish, Spanish and of course my native Greek. I’d love to come down to Mumbai!

What do you know about India and about our culture?

I know you have beautiful women. Indian girls are among the most beautiful women in the world! You guys have amazing music. You have a very spiritual culture, which is full of colour. I have many Indian friends as I mentioned earlier and I have attended many Indian weddings. A wonderful experience indeed, your culture is filled with colour and happiness. Simply amazing!

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