The Olia Tira interview

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Olia Tira is a young singer from Moldova. She was born in Germany by Russian parents and now she studies at the Music Academy. She has released her first album in 2005 titled �Your place or mine?� . She has aleady tried twice to represent Moldova in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006 and 2007.
She has already submitted , Always will be, a rock song for next year�s Moldavian national final, hoping this time to finally get the golden ticket for Belgrade.

Hello Olia, first of all tell us something about your career.

My music career started with little children concerts in the back yard of my house. But my professional career started when I was 14 years old. It was then when I participated to the first festivals and concerts and I also started working with canto teachers. I was very lucky to meet interested people who invested on me their soul and they helped me to form my career. Now, I am a student at the Music Academy. I have already released one album and my songs are played on radio and TV stations.

You participated two times in the Moldovan national final in 2006 and 2007. Now, you are trying for the 3rd time, do you feel more mature and more experienced now? Do you feel luckier this time?

Of course I was different 2 years ago. I am more realistic now. In the 2006 NF there was a scandal. The jury didn’t choose a winner and with no respect for the regulations, they organized a second final with other participants in order to promote them. There might be such kind of surprises this year too but TeleRadioMoldova holds all the rights for the NF and they make the final decision. My duty is to participate and sing for my fans. Now I believe in me more than ever and I have other projects to do besides Eurovision although participating in this contest is every singer’s dream including me.

You have already submitted a song for the Moldovan national final, tell us something about the song.

My song is titled Always will be. It is a pop rock song and it fits my character. It is not a Eurovision style song but after Lordi won no one really knows which song really fits the contest. The message of the song is “I will always love you the way you are”. It is a hard melody, an aggressive rock that might shock but this is me! Now, about a special show on stage, I will think of something if I win the final, isn’t that logical?

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