Latvia: the writers and singers

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Latvian broadcaster LTV has announced the 20 acts that have been selected by the special jury to proceed to the two semi finals of the country's preselection for the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest, Eirodziesma 2008 yesterday. Now it's time to learn more about the singers and composer.

You can listen to the songs hereand red more about the selectionprocedure here.

1. All come together

Music and Lyrics: Danne Attlerud and Thomas Thörnholm
Performer of the demo version: Thomas Thörnholm

Thomas Thörnholmis a Swedish composer whose song Se mig finished second in the Swedish National Selection in 2000,whilehis songHigh represented Norway in the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest but finished last. It is the second year in a row Thörnholm takes part in the Latvian semi finals. Danne Attlerud is the composer, performer and lyricist of numerous songs.

2. You really got me going

Music: Kjell Jennstig
Lyrics: Leif Goldkuhl
Performer of the demo version: Sandra Oldenstam

Kjell Jennstigis another Swedish composer.In 2007, his song Questa notte won the Lativian national final performed by and finished 16th in the final in Helsinki.

3. Fly to the Moon

Music and Lyrics: Kjell Jennstig
Performer of the demo version: Sandra Oldenstam

For Kjell Jennstig, see above.Sandra Oldenstam is asinger and songwriter, in the 2007 Polish selection, her song You really got me going was one of the backup entries.

4. Put some love in the world

Music, lyrics and demo performance: Mikael Erlandsson

Mikael Erlandsson – a Swedish composer. He has penned songs for Swedish and Japanese singers but has also some Eurovision Song Contest experience:he took part in the 1990 Swedish national final as composer of the song Vi vill ha värme that finished 5th, performed by N'Gang. In 2007, he performed his song Love in the air in the Polish national final.

5. Observations

Music and Lyrics: Ingars Viļums
Performer: Iveta Baumane

Ingars Viļumsis a gifted bass player. He has accompanied famous Latvian musicians as Linda Leen and Marie N, winner of the 2002 Eurovision Song Contest. Vilums has composed numerous songs, including Marie N’s Realise. He shares his skills and talents guest playing the bass for Brainstorm, the Latvian representatives in 2000. Iveta Baumane has already Eirodziesma experience as she took part inthe semi finals in 2007.

6. Take me home

Music, lyrics, performance: Elizabete Zagorska

Elizabete Zagorska is the soul of the duo Elizabet & Roberto writing its songs. The other part of duo is Roberto known as one of She has participated in the Latvian editions ofmusicals as Westside story and Les miserables.

7. Lovely Dexter

Music and Lyrics: Romāns Faļkenšteins
Performer: Funny Pictures

Romāns Faļkenšteins is composer, teacher and producer. He writes songs for several musical projects including Camillas who performs song number 8.

8. Mr. Weatherman

Music: Romāns Faļkenšteins
Lyrics: Līva Rutka
Performer: Camillas & Viče Almana

For māns Faļkenšteins, see above.

9. If I only knew

Music and lyrics: Ann-Charlott Gensler
Performer of the demo version: Sophie Sjören

Ann-Charlott Gensler lives in South Sweden. Before submitting the song for the Latvian selection she has worked as a hairstylist, a teacher, and even a TV reporter. Her long time dream is to perform at theEurovision Song Contest. Being a generous composer, she trusts her songs to be performed by younger singers.

10. Wolves of the sea

Music: Jonas Liberg, Johan Sahlen
Lyrics: Jonas Liberg
Performer of the demo version: Jonas Liberg

Jonas Liberg has written songs for many well known Eurovision Song Contest artists: Charlotte Perelli, Carola, Jill Johnson, Kerli, and Magnus Carlsson are only some of them.

11. Broken lullaby

Music: Jānis Strazds
Lyrics: Guntars Račs
Performer: Andris Ērglis

Jānis Strazdsis apianist andcomposerand haspenned songs for several Latvian musical projects, currently playing and composing for Andris Erglis and his group Cacao. Guntars Račsis alyricist andproducer. He is one of creative fathers. Andris Ērglis reached the peak peak of his popularity in 2007 representing Latvia as one of in Helsinki, as well as becoming a runner- up at the competition New Wave.

12. More than 27

Music and lyrics: Jöran Steinhauer
Performers at Eirodziesma – Jöran Steinhauer and Guntis Veilands

Jöran Steinhaueris a student of the Regional Studies at Munster Wilhelm University. He has taken private tutoring forseven years to master his guitar skills. Jöran teaches children the magic of composing in youth camps around Europe. He has lived in Latvia for a year working in the German Evangelic Lutheran Church.

Nr. 13 – Bye Bye

Music: Aivars Rakovskis
Lyrics: Agnese Rakovska
Performer: Triānas parks

Aivars Rakovskis can be considered as a veteran of Latvian rock music. His songs have been performed in Latvia and in Germany. Agnese Rakovska has started to explore the music world as a pianist, but later on she focused more on singing and composing. Agnese sings inthe group Triānas parks.

14. Memory lane

Music: Knut-Øyvind Hagen, Arve Furset
Lyrics and performer of the demo version: Knut-Øyvind Hagen

Knut-Øyvind Hagenhad already cooperated with Melodifestivalen guru Thomas G:son to create Rocket Ride sung by Jannicke Abrahamsen in Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix 2007.

15. I'm a part of you

Music and lyrics: Mārtiņš Freimanis
Performer: Déjà vu

Mārtiņš Freimanis – what would be Eirodziesma without Freimanis! His songs have reached the Eirodziesma finals almost every year, winning them twice. He is the singer of the group Tumsa, lyricist and the songwriter. Freimanis has created songs for Lauris Reiniks, and Walters and Kazha (The war is not over,2005) as well as he was one of the FLY members representing Latvia in 2003.

16. One last touch

Music and lyrics: Mārtiņš Freimanis
Performer: Dace Planāre

See above.

17. Download your dreams

Music and Lyrics: Miķelis Ļaksa (Markus Riva)
Performer: Lily (Linda Kalniņa)

Lily (Linda Kalniņa) – has participated in Eirodziesma as one of the project Via meitenes singers. Lily has taken part in the Latvian editions of musicals Westside story and The sound of music. Miķelis Ļaksa (Markus Riva) is a song writer, actor, and fashion model.

18. The one

Music: Ingars Gusāns
Lyrics: Aigars Runčis
Performer: Borowa Mc feat. Kips

Borowa Mc feat. Kips is known in Latvia forsuccessful promoting Latgalian, the dialect spoken in Eastern Latvia.

19. Until you find a friend

Music and lyrics: Jānis Zvirgzdiņš (Julian)
Performer: Kristīna Zaharova

Kristīna Zaharova has taken part in musical competitions in Latvia as well as abroad. Her name became recognized after her victory in Talent of Latvia.

20. Summertime

Music and lyrics: Valters Sprūd�s
Performers: Funky Drivers

Valters Sprūd�s plays the bass for Funky Drivers and Goran Gora. He develops his skills studying the art of playing guitar at Thames Valley University in London. Funky Driversconsists ofMaija Gaile, Valters Sprūd�s, Edgars Runcis and Jānis Lācis.

The jury that chose the songs was composed of Sopho (Georgian representative in 2007), 4FUN (Lithuanian representatives in 2007), Christer Björkman (Swedish representative in 1992 and organiser of Melodifestivalen), Kaspars Zaviļeiskis (a music expert), (Latvian representatives in 2007),LTV darba grupaAdam Klein (of Universal Music UK).

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