Jarvis Cocker pulps Eurodream

by Benny Royston 79 views

Jarvis Cocker has changed his mind about entering a song for the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest. Earlier this year, when Morrissey was believed to be writing a song, he claimed that he was a fan of the competition and would consider entering a song for 2008. It seems his enthusiasm for the idea has passed.

Despite saying that he would be interested in writing Britain's entry into the Eurovision Song Contest entry earlier this year, Cocker has gone cold on the idea. Back in January, he stated that "The door is always open if they want to ask me. I've always wanted to write one for them. Maybe I'll do it next year." In yesterday's Independent newspaper, a spokesman for the Pulp lead singer stated: "Sorry, but I wouldn't hold your breath on that one."

The United Kingdom has not yet revealed any plans for their 2008 selection process, although it is expected to once again be a single show under the Making Your Mind Up banner.