Albania: I’m alive is finally here

by Helio Qendro 787 views

The 2015 Albanian entry for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest I’m alive together with the music video were revealed today following the news that Diell would no longer be performed in Vienna.

Since announcing that Diell was no longer the official entry to represent Albania in May, Elhaida Dani’s past few weeks have been crazy busy with not much time on her hands to work on the new song and video, however the results are more than pleasant. I’m alive is a pop ballad with modern and ethnic element which grows by the end and manages to exhibit Elhaida’s impressive vocal. The entry was composed by the duo Zzap & Chris who rejoice immense success in Albania and Kosovo while the lyrics are penned by Sokol Marsi for the Albanian version and Linda Halimi (3rd place in this year’s edition of Festivali i Kenges) for the English version.

Through the video, the song comes with a very strong message: the strength of women. This detail can be presented through the female figures who in society are adapted in the stereotypical male professions. The clip also tells the story of a young girl waiting for her love convinced it will come. Notably, the music video was produced by ProVideo.

Interestingly, the song was brought to life in no more than 3 days by Zapp & Chriss knowing that the deadline was only 3 weeks away, an amount of time by which the audio should be finished and the music video presented. Later on the song was mastered by the famous Macedonian composer and songwriter Darko Dimitrov who is also very famous in the Balkans.

Below you can listen to the Albanian entry:

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