Cyprus: Metaxas will not perform three songs

by Stella Floras 136 views

While the final list of performers of the 2008 Cypriot final for the Eurovision Song Contest is still to be finalised, more information can be now revealed concerning the much debated triple participation of Nikolas Metaxas. Quite simply, he will only perform one song.

Nikolas Metaxas, the 20 year old singer and songwriter who participated in the 2006 Cypriot final with Funky, will not be performing three songs as previously rumoured. He will definitely be singing one of his own compositions but for the other one as well as for Rescue me by Christodoulos Charalambides and Andreas Economides other performers are being contacted.

Multiple performances can have a negative effect on an artist's chances of sucess. Their popular vote will be split between songs. This happened in Cyprus in 2006, when Eleni Skarpari sang both Invincible and Don't crack now in the semi finals. Neither song qualified. In the Romanian 2007 national final, Desperado & Tony Poptămaş finished second and fourth with their songs Where were you? and European – a beautiful sin respectively. It is widely thought that if only Where were you? had participated in the final, they would have represented Romania ahead of Todomondo.

In further Cyprus news, can now confirm that Femme fatale, composed and penned by Nikos Evangelou, will be entirely in Greek and not English or even French as the title suggests.

Stella Floras

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