Israel: Boaz working on songs

by Benny Royston 159 views

A group of A star is born participants and judges will work on the song for the Eurovision song contest. Boaz Mauda, the Israeli representative to Belgrade, has already started working on his songs for the private pre selection contest, “The Kdam”, which will take place in February.

Mauda's production company has contacted two famous Israeli compositors, Daniel Salomon and Yoni Bloch, and invited them to submit songs, which will be part of the five performed in the show. Both of the composers are also well known in Israel as singers.

Salomon released three albums between 2002 and 2007. He won the title of "composer of the year" in 2002 and had a record achieve gold in 2006 (More than 20,000 copies). Bloch released his first album in 2004. Recently he was also one of the judges in the 5th season of "A star is born", the Israeli format of pop idol, where Boaz Mauda won the title.

Another name that came up as a possible writer for the songs in the private selection is Harel Moyal. Moyal won the 2nd season of "A star is born", and has since released than two albums and many hit singles.

Mauda also decided to work with Tzedi Tzarfati, a director and another referee in the 5th season of "A star is born", as part of the production for the song in Belgrade. Tzarfati is a famous television and theatre director in Israel and has directed many of the Israeli songs in the Eurovision song contest includintLight a candle in 2002 and Words of love in 2003. He was also the director of the 1999 Eurovision Song Contest in Jerusalem.