OGAE France meeting a great success

by Dominique Dufaut 97 views

Yesterday, Sunday 25 November, OGAE France held their annual meeting, with Jean-Paul Cara – the man who wrote three French Eurovision Song Contest entries which all entered the Top 3 as guest of honour. A great surprise awaited the OGAE members in the form of two other French artists who took part in the contest: Dominique Dussault, (Monaco 1970), and Anne-Marie David, winner for Luxembourg in 1973 and French representative in 1979.

Jean-Paul Cara who wrote three Eurovision Song Contest top 3 entries- in 1976 (2nd), 1977 (Grand Prix) and 1981 (3rd)- answered all questions on his Euro-experience. He said that the record company of Marie Myriam, back in 1977, didn't supportthe French entry enough before the victory. Polydor put more energy in promoting their two other entries competing in Wembley : the British and German ones.Jean-Paul also revealed that, in 1981, Jean Gabilou wasin a bad stateas his wife was ill at the time he was singing in Dublin. So, right after the contest, the singer got back to Tahiti, his homeland, and didn't promote the song.

The afternoon also gave the 55 French members present the opportunity to watch a total of 19 songsfrom televised preselections in France, dating from 1959 to 1981 included. The great majority of them were rare images nobody had watched since the year the competition took place.

A French meeting would never be a meeting without a vote. So, as if they were living in 25 different towns of France (including overseas cities), the jurors gave their points and elected the "best song of the day" : Tombe l'eau, by Noëlle Cordier (4th in the 1978 French final). Second placed Un enfant de France by Frida Boccara (5th in 1980) and in third place, Violette Vial with Je te promets de revenir (5th in 1978).