France: Lisa Angell officially presents N’oubliez Pas

by Gabriel Vivas 263 views

This year’s French entrant, Lisa Angell, has performed her Eurovision entry live for the first time on France 2.

Chico And The Gypsies, Le Grand Show was the show chosen by Public Broadcaster, France 2, to premiere their first Eurovision entry since 1998, when France 3 took over the Eurovision Song Contest.

Lisa Angell was especially invited to the show to perform for the very first time her Eurovision entry N’oubliez pas in front of the live audience. The 46-year-old singer was internally selected by France 2 and presented to the public on 23 January.

The entry and the artist

N’oubliez pas has been written by Robert Goldman, brother of Jean-Jacques Goldman. It has been described as a declaration of the duty of remembrance, and it evokes World War I. Lisa Angell stated to that the song tells the story of a woman who is wounded and deeply touched by the vision of her village destroyed by the war. And the second part is a strong woman who vows to rebuild her village.

A pop music singer, Lisa Angell took some time to find her place, but once that was achieved, she has been dedicated to a career that has already yielded three albums.

France in the Eurovision Song Contest

France has achieved 5 victories in the Eurovision Song Contest. It has also brought some of the most memorable entries in the Contest’s history, like Tom pillibi in 1960, sung by Jacqueline Boyer or Marie Myriam’s L’oiseau et l’enfant in 1977.

France has made it to the Top 5 a total of 25 times. Nevertheless, the past ten years have been tough for the country in Eurovision, making it only once to the Top 10 with Patricia Kaas in 2009 and ending 6 times below the 20th position.

As a member of the Big 5, France competes directly in the Grand Final, like Spain, United Kingdom, Germany and Italy, and the host country.

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