The Ukrainian Cinderella hospitalised

by Anna Krasilnikova 134 views

Ukrainian Eurovision Song Contest representative Verka Serduchka's creator, Andrei Danilko, has been suffering from back problems and was taken to the hospital this week. Andrei Danilko, well known as Verka Serduchka, was hospitalised after suffering severe back pains.

Verka Serduchka a.k.a. Andrei Danilko, -whorepresented Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest earlier this year in Helsinki has been hospitalized recently with pains in his back. According to his relatives and people who work with him, Andrei Danilko has had the problem before, but this time it became unbearable. Danilkowas taken toone of Kyiv's private clinics where he was diagnosed with 'infringement of a back nerve and vegetative dysfunction'. That is to say, that besides the pains in a back, hypertension was added to the medical findings.

Verka's manager Igor Klinkov explains that illness of the actor is typicalof fatigue. "Last year was a verydifficult onefor us, It is no surprise, that Andreyis overtired and got hypertension ".

Doctors tried toget Andrei back on his feet as soon as possible, because hehas to be presentat Phillip Kirkorov'sbirthday concerts and on December 1st he has toleave forLondon to continue shooting of the programme for one of the Ukrainian channels. Andrey''s physicians did not give any guarantees, but havetreated the problem successfully for the time being. Andrey Danilko has been dismissed from hospital.