2007 esctoday awards – Best female performance

by Marcus Klier 80 views

Here are the nominations for the second annual esctoday.com awards, Best female performance category.

The nominations for BEST FEMALE PERFORMANCE are:

  1. Marija Šerifovićof Serbia for Molitva
  2. Magdi Rúzsa of Hungary for Unsubstantial blues
  3. Natalia Barbu of Moldova for Fight
  4. Sopho of Georgia for Visionary dream
  5. Edsilia Rombley of the Netherlands for On top pf the world

1. Marija Šerifović/ Serbia


2. Magdi Rúzsa / Hungary

3. Natalia Barbu / Moldova

4. Sopho / Georgia

5. EdsiliaRombley / Netherlands