Lithuania: LRT flooded by foreign singers

by Arvydas Makselis 107 views

National Lithuanian broadcaster is under seige from foreign artists and composers that would like to represent Lithuania in Belgrade. Meanwhile local singers are pretty passive and have shown little particular interest in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008.

"It‘sseems that there is a high probabilitythat in 2008 a foreign singer or group will fly the Lithuanian flag in Serbia", says head of the Lithuanian delegation. He also reveals that until today there are more songs submitted by foreign singers than by Lithuanian ones. Looking backat national final history in Lithuania, we see singers from Estonia, Latvia, Italy, United Kingdom and even Jamaica.

In2001 Lithuania was represented by Skamp with lead singer Erica Jennings, born andraised in Ireland. In 2004, What happened to your love by Linas and Simona was written by a cypriot composer, Michalis Antoniou.The followingyear, Lithuania's entry was written by Swedish songwriters, Bobby Ljunggren andBilly Butt that wrote Little by little for Laura and The Lovers.

The National Eurovision Song Contest pre-selection 2008 deadline for entries is 10th December 2008. Songs can be sent to the followingaddress: S. Konarskio str. 49, Vilnius 03123, Lithuania. It is necessary to send song, application for participation, singers‘ photo and written confirmation of composer and singer and importantly, that the song is author's and has not been performed in public before October 1.