Greece: Fun Club holds Mousiko Fthinoporo 2007

by Anna Krasilnikova 92 views

Towards the end of October, Greek Fun club held their annual Mousiko Fthinoporo (Musical Autumn)festival, a music game organised since 1988. The winner of the evening was Slovenia, followed closely by Finland.

The final of Mousiko fthinoporo was held at the hotel Fresh in Athens on 27 October. The rules of Mousiko Fthinoporo, a game that started in 1988 among fans, dictate that competing songs must have been released in the past 12 years but they cannot have participated in any Eurovsion Song Contest.

Twenty four countries participated in the semi final, ten of them qualifying for the final. These were joined by fifteen more countries chosen by last year’s top 15 finalists. The show was hosted by Eleonora Giaka and Christos Zafeiridis and it was coordinated by Stelios Zafeiris. The winner was Slovenia with Sasa Lendero withMetulji, followed by Finland – just one point behind- with Anna Eriksson’s Oot voimani mun. The evening was by general consensus a great success with all members having a good time.