1st Eurovision artist: Israel sends Boaz Mauda to Belgrade

by Itamar Barak 143 views

Israel has confirmed the first known Eurovision Song Contest participant for 2008. Boaz Mauda, the winner of Kohav Nolad 5 (Israeli Pop Idol) will represent the country in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest. Both IBA and Channel 2 confirmed the news.

Channel 2 will arrange a 'private' national final for Boaz Mauda. 5 songs will beselected for the public and a special jury tovote on. The same format was used last year for the selection of Teapack's Israeli entry, and has led to winning Eurovision Song Contest songs being selected for Helena Pararizou in Greece in 2005.

Boaz Mauda (20) won the recent season of the Israeli Pop Idol, Kohav Nolad, with a landslide victory. Mauda is said to have won Kohav Nolad due to his amazing vocal capabilities. Click bellow to watch one of Boaz Mauda's performaces during Kohav Nolad 5 season.

The decision not to arrange an open national final with various contestants was probably made in order to insure that the failure in the viewing figures of the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest, which were the lowest ever in Israel, will not be repeated in 2008. The plan was also troubled by a number of high profile former Idol participants ruling themselves out of participation. Before the decision to select Boaz Mauda was taken, news leaked that the competition may be opened up to non-Idol singers.

Click here to watch Boaz perform "Kol Galgal" on Kohav Nolad (press the play button of the player). You canalsowatch another one of Boaz Mauda's performances from this year's Idol show below:

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