Gérard Lenorman's confessions

by Dominique Dufaut 201 views

A self-penned book has just been published by Gérard Lenorman, the French 1988 Eurovision Song Contest representative under the title Je suis né à 20 ans (I was born at 20). The book is published byCalmann-Lévy Editions.

The singer talks a lot about his family, more than his singing career in the book. Fact is that Lenorman, born in 1945, had no father until the family secret was broken: he was the child of a French mother and of a German father. This is actually the theme of the song he released in 1981 – both in French and German – Warum mein Vater.

Gérard Lenorman released a big number of popular hits along the 70's. His 1988 Eurovision entry fro France was a kind of comeback for him. He only managed to reach 10th position with Chanteur de charme. In spite of a more "quiet" career since then, the man still records and tours. A 3-CD box with 60 songs is due to be released very soon, under the title Je vous reparlerai d'amour (Sony BMG).