Exclusive: Eurovision Big Four split for semi finals

by Benny Royston 104 views

Another issue discussed at the EBU's Eurovision Song Contest Reference Group meeting in Belgrade this weekend was the Big Four and how they will fit into the new two semi-final format. Tonight, esctoday.com can confirm that the proposal put to the EBU Television Committee by the reference group includes the proposal that France, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom, along with host country, Serbia, WILL all broadcast and vote in one of the semi finals.

esctoday.com tonight received the confirmation that many fans in the Big Four countries had hoped for. The proposal put forwards by the Eurovision Song Contest reference Group to the EBU Television Committee for approval includes measures to ensure the viewingpublic in France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom, along with Euroviion Song Contest winner and host nation, Serbia,will get the chance to vote in the semi finals.

Svante Stockselius confirmed to esctoday.com that the proposal for the new two semi final format includes the pre-qualified finalists participating as voting countries in the semi finals. Under the proposal, one of the pots that will be used to divide the countries between the two semi finals will contain the five prequalified countries. Under the proposal, two countries will have voting rights in one of the semi finals, the remaining three countries will get the chance to vote in the other semi final.

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