Lithuania: This Time chosen for Vienna

by Helio Qendro 91 views

Eurovizija 2015, in its seventh show chose This time as the song that will be sung by one of the artist running to represent Lithuania in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest. 

A total of 12 songs were originally selected to compete in Eurovizija 2015. Each week, the public were asked to vote for their favourite songs via an online poll on the LRT website. Since then, the public have been voting for their favourite song out of the remaining 9 entries, however only 3 songs were able to take place in the song selection show of Eurovizija 2015.

The song final came down to Dangerous (S.O.S), This time and The right way. However, the public voted This time as their favorite giving it the golden ticket to Vienna.

Next week, Eurovizija 2015 will undergo the artist selection procedure where they will decide their winner; either Vaidas, Monika or Mia.

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