Andorra: Gisela's management claims an agreement is close

by Victor Hondal 129 views

Gisela's brother and manager, Joan Lladó, has stated on Andorra 7 Radio that talks with the Andorran broadcaster are at a very advanced stage and both parts are “about to reach an agreement”. He also said that should an agreement be reached, Gisela will sing a pop song by Jordi Cubino, who also wrote the official anthem of the 2006 World Cup in Germany. Lladó also reassured the Andorran public that the company behind the project is not Catalan, but Andorran.

In his interview, Joan Lladó seemed very hopeful that the Spanish singer Gisela will represent the Principality of Andorra next year in Belgrade after all. In the case the agreement between Gisela's management and the Andorran broadcaster RTVA is finalised – something that has not happened yet- Gisela will sing "a beautiful, rhythmic, pop song,tailor-made forGisela and the Eurovision Song Contest". The song is created by Jordi Cubino, the man behind the official anthem of the 2006 Football World Cup. Gisela hereself is reported as being delighted by the offer made to her and her party is working hard to make the project a reality.

Jordi Cubino is a well-known name in the Catalan music business. He has collaborated with companies such as Filmax and Gestmusic-Endemol, and has composed songs for singers like David Bisbal (Corazón Latino, runner-up in the Spanish selection for Eurovision 2002)and Gisela herself.

Gisela's manager also explained that the company behind their project is not based in Catalonia, but in Andorra. Lladó refused to name it, since its management has requested to remain anonymous for the time being. He did hint though that it is a company which has dealt with many projects in the music scene. Joan Lladó explained that he would have normally said nothing on the subject, but with all the media attention the matter has attracted he is forced to say a few things.